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Still bleah. Home again. Getting a really good gravelly voice, as a prelude to losing it.
mood: sick
music: The Archies—Sugar Sugar


Oh sorry to hear you're still not feeing well. :( Any way to stop the loss of voice?

Well, my boss suggested I gargle with whiskey, but I don't think I can bring myself to do it: ick ptooey.

Hi Bonnie Tyler


Just HAD to do that. Hope you are feeling Anders better soon.


I would gladly pay good money (read - Euros or Dollars, not Kroner)
to watch you gargle with Whiskey. If you so decide to take your bosses advice please take a picture (with my old camera) and post it here for all your friends to see....

thanks for calling yesterday for Simones B-day. It was great to know that not only Karin, Martin and you only want to talk to her, but later when Mom and Sarah called they didnt talk to me feel sick, I feel adopted....(apologies to Kathy.)


How much? and it wasn't YOUR birthday so stop feeling adopted. Martin only said Happy Birthday into the phone and then ran off, and Karin basically hmmed and hawed through her side of the conversation.

Maybe record a quick blues album before you lose it entirely? Sorry you're feeling so poorly.

I wonder if I could get Joss Stone's agent to sign me? :)

Krya på dig!

One of the very very few plusses of getting gravelly voiced is being able to sing Sophie B. Hawkins songs with added sultry.

I'm being optimistic because I myself am not sick. If I were, I'd be grumping about. I hope you're feeling better soon!

Sophie B.! I love her. :) And I love your new userpic. :) I've been grumping about for 3 days, now I'm feeling much more human.

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