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Because I was sick most of the week, I didn't go to choir and we had no other plans and I've been home EVERY SINGLE WEEKNIGHT and guess what? We don't have any plans for the weekend either! Hmmm....very strange. Very, very strange. But nice, in a confusing sort of non-social way. I can't remember the last time I was home every single weeknight in a week. Actually, I shouldn't say we don't have plans for the weekend, but the plans we do have involve going as a family to the mall and perhaps to see Brother Bear. They don't involve me going anywhere by myself or Anders going anywhere by himself (although he'll probably still play hockey on Saturday morning) and the kids don't have any parties to go to and what in the world will we do with each other and all this quality family time?! *sits down, fans self rapidly*

hee hee

Next week, we're back to normal, thank goodness. God forbid we should make this sort of thing a habit. My head would spin around and fly right off.

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