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When I left work today, the moon surprised me. It looked so...otherworldly. The sky was a uniform shade of medium blue, and the moon looked see-through, all its darker parts the exact same blue as the sky behind it. It looked like a white potato print on the sky. Or a perfectly round cirrus cloud with blue bits showing through. Flat and two dimensional, did someone really scuff the dust up there?

Coming down the hill from Lund, the sun behind me lit up the fields in a glowing quilt of beige, brown, sage, green. The nails in the winter tires thrubbed on the road. The valley is so wide that it feels like the bowl of the sky is extra enormous: big sky country, indeed. The sun picks out the white stalks and spiky trefoils of the modern windmills, I can count 22 of them whirling on the sweep of the horizon.

The stinging sweet smell of soy sauce is blossoming through the house: Anders is making chicken with wok vegetables for dinner. It's myskväll (cozy evening) tonight which means popcorn and candy and Gladiators on TV. Gladiators and my wild children yelling "Gladiator...redo? JA! Utmanare...redo? JA!*" isn't really my idea of coziness but I'll take what I can get. :)

I'm pleased because one of my poems was accepted for print in Comrades Journal today. :) And because I got another excellent poetry submission for Mosaic Minds.

Let's see if TOUCAN do better! Bird Wars
ozswede, you're the best! You ALWAYS bring a smile to my face. :D

*Gladiator...ready? YES! Challenger...ready? YES!

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