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Cracked me up last night: My daughter replying "Aye aye captain" and firing off a salute when I asked her to carry the popcorn bowl back to the kitchen.

The kids were up at 6:30 this morning, laughing, talking, slamming doors. I called "Martin!" but they didn't hear me over the sounds of their own voices. "Martin!" No response. Drag myself out of bed, stumble to the door, glare blearily at them. They've got that deer in the headlights look, you can almost hear them thinking oops. I growl, "Be quiet! It's still really early!" and collapse back into bed. argh

What I'm Craving for Lunch: Toasted bagel with cream cheese and artichoke pesto

Martin has been invited to a double-girl birthday party by 2 of his little girlfriends, Sandra and Evelina. It's at the McDonald's in Lund, a 2-story affair with the ball pit upstairs. It's the first McDonald's party he's ever been invited to and he is understandably excited. The party isn't until March 20th and the invitation arrived on March 1st. TWENTY DAYS IN ADVANCE. Every day Martin asks both me and Anders at some point 1) what date it is today and 2) how many days are left until the party. Every night before he goes to bed he exclaims, "I can't WAIT, Mom!" "For what, Martin?" (although after a week of this I now know the answer) "For the party! I want to go NOW." Little kids don't do patience well. Everything is right NOW.

Like I'm one to talk. But I've had to learn, like he will, that anticipation can be half the fun.

Whither the weather? Again, with the sun and the sunshine and the blue skies and the frosty morning. Yum. We're getting spoiled.

News item on CNN that pissed me off today: Richest man in the universe proposes common people pay postage for email as a way to stop spam. Fuck you, Bill Gates.

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