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Good BitsBetter Bits:
  • connecting with Becky on the phone yesterday
  • The brown-eyed stare and fierce hug Karin gave me last night
  • Martin's happiness upon finally wiggling out baby tooth #2
  • Anders vacuuming and mopping the kitchen floor
  • A book that turned me off in the first 5 pages turning out to be excellent and hard to put down (Flesh and Blood by Michael Cunningham)
  • A call (FINALLY!) from the new Hemspråk teacher who is starting with Martin on Friday
  • The ethereal glow-in-the-dark disc of the full moon fuzzed and made blurry by the gauzy veil of clouds
Best Bit: This picture of me and Karin that Karin drew for me. I'm the one on top. She's "mad and needs a haircut."

mood: cheerful
music: Joni Mitchell—Both Sides Now


I LOVE that idea of the shoving match especially, since it was -7 two days ago and this afternoon, it was +10 on our balcony. Aaaarrrrrgggghhhh!

I know! Me, too. I thought it was the perfect description for Sweden!

That is such a COOL photo!!!!! I love it :)

I love Karin's picture.

Great picture from Karin! Is she mad BECAUSE she needs a haircut, or are those two different concept?

Dunno. :D That was just her comments. Made me laugh, though.

Such a great picture! you have three eyes, or is that a dimple? :)

LOL! I think the two in the middle are supposed to be my nose. oy!

What an amazing likeness!

I know! she's a master! :D

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lizardek's obiter photos

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