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Last night at the crayfish party, one of my friends who had been peeling and eating shrimp, put the peeled heads on her fingers and waved them around, and poked her 1-year-old kid in the nose with them, which he thought was hilarious. I, however, can't find a word powerful enough to describe how gross I thought it was. ICK

It's the cricket's fault. That I have this bug-leg phobia. Them, and the cockroaches. Years ago, when I was home during summer vacation from college, I was in the room that was supposed to be mine and my sister's, but in practice was my sister's as I was only there a few weeks every year. One of the cats had killed a cricket and eaten it except for various parts, mostly legs, which were scattered around the carpet. I was trying to clean it up, and one of the legs stuck to the carpet and I couldn't get it off. It so totally icked me out. The cats were enthralled with my efforts, and my mom was highly amused when I finally had to call her to come and help me.

There are 2 kinds of cockroaches in Chicago. Both the little brown wood cockroaches and the big black palmetto bugs make the city their home. In my first downtown apartment, I used to bribe my roommate Linda with six-packs of beer, if she'd just PLEASE come get the giant 2-inch black monsters out of the bathtub so I could shower and go to work. shudder

It's weird, because I have no problem with bees or wasps, or beetles, or most bugs, provided they 1) aren't too big 2) don't have too many big legs, 3) aren't over my head and 4) leave me alone. I kind of like spiders since they eat so many other bugs although when we have a lot of them in the house, like galestorm, I find myself wondering just how many bugs we are providing them for meals.

I used to think there were hardly ANY bugs in Sweden, because we almost never saw anything but the occasional spider in our first apartment and our first house, and was thrilled to be told there aren't any cockroaches here. (have since found out that's not true, but there aren't many anyway, which is a comfort). I know now that was just wishful thinking. Judging by just the amount of flies generated by the farm behind us alone, there are PLENTY of bugs here, and they all think of our house as a sort of bug resort.


My craft buddy and I are planning wildly expensive purchases from Above the Mark Rubber Stamps, but not until after I get paid. She sent me the link and I looked through the whole site and sent her back an extremely long list of stamps I wanted and then DREAMED about them that night. It's fate. They will be mine.

Started page 5 in my collage book. Haven't figured out what I want to do with the facing page yet. This one involves leaves. :) Have a busy week ahead though, so not sure how much time I'll have to work on it. First AWC meeting of the season is tomorrow, parent-teacher conference on Tuesday, and choir starts on Wednesday. Friday I have a possible slumber party with the book group girls and Saturday is Movie Night (Pirates! Aaarrrr!)
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