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Things that still crack me up even though my kids only thought they were funny once:
  • In the car, going somewhere, the kids are haranguing me for something using the time-honored phrase, "please please mama please" only they're doing it in Swedish, which is "snälla, snälla, snälla* mamma" at which point I stop them dead and say, Did you just call me a snail?!

  • Singing Pop Goes the Weasel really loud as the kids are finishing dinner, and just as I get frozen desserts on sticks out of the freezer, I end the chorus with POPSICLE WEASEL!

  • Karin tells me quite seriously and intensely that she REALLY REALLY WANTS the Bionicle Mask** of Light GameBoy. Doublechecking to see that I'm hearing her right, with an evil glint in my eye, I ask, You want The Worm of Light?!
ahahahahaha! Me so funny!

Flea so funny, too: Sweet, sweet vermin

*snälla is pronounced snella and translates literally as "kind" as there is no word for please in Swedish
**mask in Swedish translates to both mask and worm

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