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I decided in the interest of being funny, cuz it's better to laugh than to cry, to share 2 of my favorite most embarrassing moments. I won't share the 3rd one because 1) it's way more embarrassing than funny even though the 2 friends I've shared it with nearly hyperventilated from laugh-spasms after I told them about it and 2) I haven't even told Anders about it, so why should I tell you?

First One: Once, after cracking under the repetition of Sesame Street videos for DAYS.ON.END. I called my brother in the States and loudly sang the Cookie Monster C is For Cookie song to him when he answered the phone. When I was finished, and a rousing finale it was, too, if I do say so myself, his roommate said, Ummm....I'm guessing you're looking for John?

Next One: Not too long after I started my job at Ericsson, we had a big all-employee meeting. Everyone was milling around beforehand outside the conference room, and I decided to run to the bathroom. At Ericsson we all have mobile phones and no desk phones, so everyone carries their phone with them everywhere. Since I rarely have pockets, I have to keep track of it myself. Anyway, I get in the WC, set the phone on the shelf by the sink, do my thing, finish and wash my hands and reach to flush the toilet with my left hand at the same time my right hand which is still damp is swooping up my little T28. Which goes swooping into and DOWN the toilet as it completes its flush. I plunged my arm in up to the elbow to no avail. Blub blub. gone.

WOW I just got an email from a friend with a potential job opportunity that has left me feeling totally wired and abuzz. I've given her the go-ahead to set up a meeting with the head of the company, as it can't hurt to check it out. From the sound of it, the job is right up my alley and would be a superb next step. Even if it doesn't work out, it might create the chance for more freelancing, which would be great. My hair is all standing on end. Kate! I know exactly how you feel right now!!!

Why waste this on the kids? Daddy Saddle (thanks for the link, Fussy!)

"We learned that if you meet women's expectations, you exceed men's." Volvo unveils concept car designed by women

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