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My internal clock seems to be screwed up by the fact that because I was out of work at the class the last 3 days and was in town and had sushi for dinner that yesterday was Friday. Having to get up to go to work this morning was pure torture, let me tell you. And it's only Thursday! Oh, the humanity! I got a lot of computer work done yesterday for both Mosaic Minds and the AWC, and was actually ready to turn in at the early hour (for me) of 10 p.m., when I made the mistake of actually looking at what Anders was watching on TV for a few minutes...that turned into an hour. It was the last half of the Ben Affleck movie where he plays the young Jack Ryan and a nuclear bomb goes off at the Superbowl in Baltimore. Ben Affleck looks like he's made of moldable plastic. He's so expressionless, it's rather fascinating to watch. The bomb stuff was very well done, but I had no chance to suspend my disbelief so had to content myself with making disparaging remarks through the rest of the movie. Animal House was on afterwards, but I made Anders tape it, so I could tear myself away and go to bed. Still, I stayed up another half hour reading further into and liking better Diane Duane's Stealing the Elf-King's Roses.

We're going to Newcomer's Night tomorrow, it's a family potluck, and I'm planning on making same_sky's Parmesan Potatoes. :) Then, instead of sleeping in on Saturday morning, I'm getting up early and leaving for a 2-day choir get-together all weekend. Tra la la! And then my weekend will be gone, all gone, over and out, and I won't have gotten to sleep in, not once. *insert sad face here*
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"The Sum of All Fears" and it was that for me. We saw it in the bio in the U.S. and I have to say, despite Affleck, who is pretty but not much of an actor, the film disturbed me too much to ever watch again. I'm more of an "Animal House" person, I guess, so I hope you got it safe on tape. I just received both "Evita" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream" DVDs in the post, so I guess we're either spending this evening in Argentina with Madonna and Antonio Banderas or romping through the night woods of Tuscany with Kevin Kline, Rupert Everett and Michelle Peiffer.

Oooh! I vote for Tuscany!

Anders will probably agree with you, he hates "musicals", even though I don't think of Evita as a musical.

Don't cry for meeeeeeeeeeeeeee Argentiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiina! lal lalallala lalalalala!!

The problem is that you shouldnt have had the sushi. Also, I think the Big 10 had a down year this year in basketball. But MSU made the tournement. Its probably hard to get coverage of that in Sweden. So what do you do on Mosiac minds anyway? I've suggested to Carrie that she let me host an "Ask Juan" sexual advice column. I think it would be a big seller. It could shot Mosiac Minds right into the same league from a circulation standpoint as "Nerve". Have you seen "Nerve". They have a lot of pictures I guess, but we could add some pictures as well I am sure. For the first column or two, we might need to make up some questions, just to get the concept across to the readers. I'm thinking maybe its more of a guys take on sex. That sort of thing. So its not advice so much as an explanation of what the guy is probably thinking, what the reader (who I am assuming is a woman) might do to appeal to the guy she's trying to impress. That sort of thing.

Um. Did Carrie smack you down or what? We know what the guy is thinking. It's always the same thing. :P

I'm the Poetry Editor and part of the webteam.

And one should ALWAYS have sushi, given half a chance.

There is sadly no coverage of US college sports in Sweden that I'm aware of, but that's okay for my part, as 1) I don't care anymore and 2) I rarely watch TV anyway.

Well, I'll let Carrie know you think its a good idea. Having several of you guys in my corner will help a lot I think in terms of convincing her its the thing to do. My pinkie hurts on my right hand. Could it be arthristis or something? I've never broken it. You can bet on the NCAA tourney. The fun part is filling out your bracket and taking part in the office pool. You should try to get that started over in Sweden. So if I submit a poem will you run it?

That depends on the poem, Juan. :P

I will be a really good poem, I am sure. And have you had a chance to suggest the sex advice column to her? l really think hearing the idea first from you will help improve the chances it will be a go.

Um, yeah, I'll get right on that. O_o

Seriously! That's great. I didnt really expect you to agree to it so easily. Let me know how it goes so I know the right time to approach her with the idea.

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