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Sleeping in must motivate me somehow. Maybe it just clears my head. :) Anders took the kids to a birthday party this afternoon and was gone for three hours. During which I did pages 4 & 5. They're facing pages and the colors are very similar just like in the last set. I love the dried leaves, they're called Monet leaves, but I don't know if that's the actual name of the plant or what. These are the ones I was talking about, gale_storm, if you want some, as I have LOTS.

The poem is one of mine, and if you can't read it from the image, you can find the full text here.
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thanks! :) :) to be honest, I don't know where that woman is from, I cut her out of some magazine a million years ago. She was in one of my notebooks. I used to be a magazine fiend, sadly I'm down to 1 or 2 nowadays as they're just too damned expensive to ship over or buy here.

Oh, how gorgeous, Liz!!! It's all just so beautiful. I love everything you've done!

*blushing*!!! aw gee shucks. thank you :) :)

I took the opportunity to read some more poems, now when you so to speak, flashed them in my face, and I really liked "Reading Between The Lines". I sort of moved away to that very train and used your eyes for a while. Thank you for sharing.

thank you! :) I used to take the EL to and from work every day when I lived in downtown Chicago, and that was one of the more interesting ways of spending the time. :)

Wow, those are really neat! I love the colors you use.

thank you! :)

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