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  • worked hard all day. At work. For work.

  • stopped by post office to pick up package (my passport! woo hoo)

  • updated a map image and sent it to FAWCO

  • updated my resume

  • did 2 loads of laundry

  • fixed and ate dinner with my family

  • edited and worked on a number of submissions and webpages for Mosaic Minds

  • edited and created a webpage for FAWCO Article Exchange
  • put kids to bed

  • designed a masthead idea for Mosaic Minds</a>

  • googled my name in images and put the results behind an LJ cut below cuz I'm sheep-like fun that way

  • wrote a cover letter to send with my resume
and now, I am going to bed. I will NOT stop and look at the TV. I will not read in bed. I WILL get a good night's sleep.

damn it.

Be glad I spared you all the really gigantic images of Elizabeth I and Elizabeth Smart. :P

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