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Background: Kathey is one of my best friends who used to live in Sweden, and now lives in Sydney, Australia. Russell is her husband. Russell sent me this email, titled, "Damn you two!"

The three of us were in a house together and a small but very dangerous looking bear was trying to get in and he was very dangerous because he had very long black claws and he was very angry looking and he was trying to knock down the door and the door was very flimsy and was about to break off and I was trying to hold it the best I could but I couldn't hold it and I was going to have to run into another room but Liz was hiding in one room and Kathey was hiding in another room and the only way we'd all be safe is if we were all three in the same room because then we could all three hold the door together and I yelled to Liz to come help me and she said, "nuh uh!" and I called to Kathey and she said no too and I tried to get you two to move to one room together but you wouldn't and the bear was coming in and it was coming in and IT WAS GETTING ME!!!!!!!

Kathey said she woke up at the same time as Russell and he was mad at both of us!! LOLOLOL! :)


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