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Back to monotone grayness. The air is so full of moisture that everything looks blurry. Driving up the big hill to Lund, you'd swear the sky and earth are seeping, all the grey tones running together like a watercolor wash. Now, however, the sun is making a valiant attempt to cut through the bullshit and shine, baby, shine!

I have to stop going to bed after 11 on school nights because I'm not asleep until after midnight. The alarm at 6:30 is SUCH a shock. I need more than 6.5 hours of sleep a night. More like 9. Okay, 10.

Raced through the next bookgroup book yesterday, The Nanny Diaries. I wasn't expecting much, to be honest, so was pleasantly surprised at how readable and interesting it was, and upset and depressed that there are people in this world at all like the ones depicted in this book. I reiterate my stand on how it ought to be re becoming a parent: certification or sterilization. Okay, that sounded harsh, but HONESTLY. I really need to sit down and write a couple of notes for both this book and Flesh and Blood since we aren't discussing Diaries until April 22nd, and who knows when we'll get around to discussing the other one.

pastaqueen had an interesting post about how she is right on the line when it comes to labeling her generation or decade since she was born in 1980. I was born in 1964 but I don't consider myself a child of the 60's. My childhood cultural references are all from the 70's, as that's the decade that had the most influence on me (for good or bad), so that's the generation I think of myself as belonging to, even though I'm a baby boomer. I guess it's just because before the age of six my memories are much more limited than afterwards. I don't know if it's true for everyone, but I'd guess that around 5-6 is when you really start mentally taping and remembering cultural experiences.

Good Writing Out There Right Now: Knowing Home from Chuck. Along with a really annoying geography quiz if you're up for it. :D


Edited to Add: OH MY GOD!! I just got TWO huge boxes delivered to me at work! One from cap_killer filled with books and music for me and Bionicle goodies for the kids, and one from my sister stuffed full of candy and GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!! I done died and went to heaven! You guys are GREAT! I love you!! *blows kisses*
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I don't think it's fair to label one by the decade you were born in, because I'm definitely not a child of the 50s, but the 50s. I don't think you should count the first years, because you're still dealing with new LIFE experience within yourself and your family unit, and not so much outside influences. I myself am very much more influenced by the early 60s, with maybe a teeny bit of the left-over 1950s, but not that much.

Me either, but people DO (as usual) put labels and assumptions on one based on "generation" and, of course, age. By the way, you confused me with the end of your first sentence. I assume your second number should be 60s?

Oops, yes, it should be 60s at the end of the first sentence. Obviously, the 60s were a little TOO good for me, hehehehe.


I just recieved a box from my sister filled with REESES special limited flavors and Girl scout cookies. (the reeses are white chocolate, honey roasted peanut butter, and reeses inside out...)
the girl scout cookies were thin mints and samoas!
And 1 box from mom sending on more of my junk that is taking up space in her house...even the old stuff is great!
Sarah tells me there are 2 more boxes on the way!

Now the only questions are: where is my box from Cap_killer??? and where is my box from My sister - Lizardek?


Hey! We got the SAME box! *sings Twilight Zone theme*

haha! box? for you? from moi? you'll get a card and you'll LIKE it! :P

I was born in 74 so most of my childhood, as opposed to babyhood, was spent in the 80s. Most of my cultural references are from the mid to late 80s through the 90s. My pop culture knowledge pretty much stops about 3 years ago when I stopped paying for cable. Jessica Simpson was on Good Morning America a little while ago - I don't know how long I had been watching thinking she was Britney Spears until they said her name... Oh well!

Mmm... Girl Scout Cookies... *drool*

I liked the Nanny Diaries, too... good disposable fiction...

It's weird, isn't it, how much TELEVISION steers our pop culture references nowadays? I left the States 7 years ago, and I feel SO out of it. Even though we get a lot of the same shows and even some specials, albeit late, I don't watch TV like I used to, and with a family I rarely go to the movies or buy CDs anymore because I just don't have time to keep up with them (or the money to spend on them either).

Very true... I was driving to work one day when I saw a billboard for a local radio station... I'm assuming all the people on the sign were "musicians," but I did not recognize a single one of them. Unbelievable, since there was a time I would have kicked all the ass in the world if I had gone on MTV's Remote Control! I recognized videos more quickly than members of my own family! Dear God it's nice to have those portions of my brain back... :)

Yum- enjoy the treats! and the books!

Baby Boomers

The baby boom generation is the group of people born right after WWII, when the soldiers came back from Over There and couldn't wait to get married, settle down, and have Real Lives. There was a huge bulge in the population, and it lasted from the mid-40s through the early 50s. People born in the 60s aren't baby boomers, but often the CHILDREN of boomers, if you take someone born in 1945 who starts having kids at 20.

I was born in 1946, but I'm definitely not a child of the 40s. I spent my childhood in the 50s, but I came of AGE in the 60s, so that MY cultural references are from then. I left the states in 1970 to go to Alaska, started traveling and living in Alaska, so that I came back to a different country in 1974. I stayed four years, being a newspaper reporter, and then left again for 18 months, came back for a year and then went to live in France. In the 15 years between 1970 and 1985, when I returned to live here, I lost track entirely of television, pop musicians, movie stars, all that stuff. And you know what? I really don't miss it; it feels like a thin and not particularly important veneer, a superficiality easily let go of. Oh, I'd have DIED during my teens not to know the latest songs and singers, etc.

I sat, on Thursday, at lunch with a tableful of my fellow teachers and listened to them talk about television shows and stuff they found in stores, and the whole room swam for me in inconsequentiality. I know they feel they need it, so they'll have something to say to one another, but I really wonder whether, if they DIDN'T have that dross floating in the air, they might actually SAY something to one another.

The German Servas girls who came to visit me had more to say, in much less time. Don't you think Europeans actually have a sense of what a conversation consists of? And it doesn't have to be focused exclusively on current pop and sport trends, with a smattering of the 11 o'clock evening television news.

Oh, dear. I seem to be ranting. I'll shut up now.

Re: Baby Boomers

Actually, because of wondering how Dana Carvey could possibly claim to be a baby boomer, I went and looked it up and apparently the "official" span of the baby boom generation is from 1946 to 1964 so I slid in just under the wire.

I agree with you to a certain extent that Americans seems to be MUCH more obsessed with the superficial, especially when it comes to TV...however, after listening to the n-teenth conversation about the Swedish versions of the same crap shows, I begin to wonder. I don't know if it depends on the Europeans in question, or their ages, or what. I find I have LESS to say sometimes because so many times the conversation is about what happened on the latest episode of Expedition Robinson (the show Survivor is based on) or the last Melodifestivalen than anything I care about.

That said, I DO have friends, some European and some not, with whom the guarantee of a stimulating, at least semi-intellectual conversation is always present. :)

Ooh, I got referenced. How exciting :) Interesting posts too. When I say I'm a child of the 80's, that's exactly what I mean. I was a child in the 80's. My adolescence definitely belongs to the 90's. But when I was a kid I'd play Atari and liked the Bangles, walked like an Egyptian etc. Again, I think that's because I'm right on the decade edge. It's funny that we shove ourself into little categories when time is actually more of a gradient, slowing blending into the next phase.

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