zird is the word (lizardek) wrote,
zird is the word


When I awoke this morning it was to the wolves of the wind, snapping around the house, howling with hunger, trying to find their way in. Trees are bent, branches and greenery swaying in the horizontal waltzing of the wind. There are little blue dimples in the puffy cheeks of the clouds, and the open regard of the sun as an eye opens is pale and watery.

There seems to be some sort of full-moon weirdness going on in my life when it comes to organizations. I have kerfluffles happening in two separate spheres which are a little unsettling, and seem to have blown out of proportion overnight. :( At this point, I'm not sure how to help resolve either one of them. sigh

Agenda: putz around, finish the laundry, dust and vacuum because the dust bunnies are lining up in regimented rows forming an army. Take Martin to his double-girl-happy-meal birthday party. Tonight Anders and I are going out to a double-girl birthday party ourselves, only sans happy meals.

Tomorrow we have a birthday dinner for Anders' niece Sofia. So it's a full-up birthday weekend. Sofia's birthday is actually Tuesday but Anders will be gone on a business trip so we couldn't go that night. Tuesday also happens to be the same day my brother has a birthday (you're SO OLD, John!) and then a week later, my sister! March is a very expensive month around here.

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