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GAAAAH. Since I got in to work this morning, my computer has been running at high speed like it's working on something, even when there are no programs open. Rebooting didn't help. I've called Help Desk and they're "sending a technician to take a look." ETA: NEVER, apparently. I've got my lovely, wonderful, super, fabulous, noise-muffling headphones on and the music cranked up to cover the sound.

For those in the know, repetitive noises drive me insane. Quickly. Anders says I consider TWO repeats of a noise repetitive (and I stand by that statement, actually). When I first started working at the advertising agency in Chicago, there was a girl at the desk next to me that sat and tapped her pen on the desk when she was on the phone. Which was all the time. I threw paper clips at her to make her stop.

Johan clicks pens when we're in meetings here. I throw things at him, too. It's SO annoying! As a major fidgeter myself, I totally understand the impulse, but geez louise, if I could learn to get it under control and stop annoying people, why can't the rest of the world?!

Oh my god, I'm ranting! ba ha!

That's what happens when I have to listen to repetitive noise for an HOUR AND A HALF. My head is spinning around and should fly right off any minute now.

Another fun thing about my headphones: I sound like Darth Vader to myself. :D Luuuuuuuke. I am your faaaahhhhtthhheeeer.


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