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What a fun evening I had! Had sushi for dinner with galestorm and some of the girls, and then went to the first AWC meeting of the year. It was a good one with an interesting speaker, who is one of the founders of the newly opening Tri-lingual Montessori School in Lund. At one point she said they were looking for help with translating their website and materials from Swedish to English, and I've just sent her an email to let her know that I'm interested, and would be willing to work out a deal to get extra-curricular English class time for my kids in exchange for translation work. :)

We filled our nomination roster for the AWC board, too, woo hoo!! :) good people are getting involved.

AND galestorm's Indian Package Dance the other day must have worked for me too, because waiting for me when I got home where THREE of the out-of-print books I ordered for myself for my birthday, and my beautiful domino handcrafted by thesidhe came!!! It's BEE-YOO-TI-FUL!!!

And, I placed a small order with Collage Joy and she's going to let me send her cash to pay for it (have left-over American bills getting dusty here) and send me some extra little cameos to boot!!

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Even before she got the package, Liz (and I) talked you up at the AWC meeting and gave your site address.

I'm glad to hear you got your stuff and that Collage Joy worked out. I hope the stuff is as nice as she is!

By the way, how many blocks and what approximate sizes do you need for your unmounted stamps? Anders is going to chop up a bunch of bits for us tonight (hopefully) :) :)

Thanks for the offer -- I'll check to see! Mostly, I do temporary mounting for my unmounted stamps, though there are a couple of those I'd prefer to mount more permanently.

I submit for your review:

Stampers Anonymous
More Alice stamps!
Grand Adventures

aaagh! you evil thing!! *holds hands over ears, shuts eyes, mutters "bingo bingo bingo"*


(Not that I'm ordering anything anytime soon myself, but they're beautiful, aren't they?)

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