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For a short time yesterday, my hair was an afghan hound instead of a poodle. My hairdresser IRONED my hair! :D When I arrived at galestorm's afterwards for dinner and crafting, her jaw literally hit the floor when she saw my hair. She made me let her take a picture as proof. Crafting at Gale's was great fun, plus she makes a mean spinach tortellini chicken dish. I feel relatively guilty because I used up ALL her magnets, but I had so much fun doing it and am so happy with the result (plus I paid her for them) that it doesn't bother me too much.

In the middle of the night, Karin came into our room and stood next to my side of the bed and asked me half a question. In the middle of it, she appeared to realize that she didn't recognize me (the hair again) and went around to ask Anders instead. Instead of worrying about the fact that finding a strange woman in her mother's place in bed with her father didn't appear to faze her in the least, I fell back asleep immediately.

This Happens to Me, Too, Except Not With Superheroes: Work Ethic

Really Good Writing Out There Right Now: Bearing Witness or The Graveyard of Lost Wedding Rings

Anders just called me on his new Z600. :D
Anders: Hi! Do I sound different? (strange background noises)
Me: You sound like you're sweeping....Are you sweeping?
Anders: *pause* That wasn't the answer I was looking for.
Me: You sound someone really cool with a new Z600 telephone.
Anders: *proudly* Really? Do I? (more strange background noises)
Me: Are you outside? You sound like you're in the middle of a tornado now. Go play with your new phone.
Anders: Productivity really goes down at my company when they hand out new phones. Good thing it's Friday.

Edited to Add This to My Geek Wish List: Cassette Deck for the PC *hint hint, big birthday coming up!* (thanks for the link lonita!)
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*hint hint, big birthday coming up!*

Wow! 50 already! And you don't look a day over 48.

:( now I'm very very sad.

Would it feel better if I lowered it to 47?

Pbbbbb!!! poo on you


Hey, where's the picture of your sleek hair? I let my hair dry naturally a little this morning so I have curly hair today. I forgot that it has a little curl when I don't blow dry!

Have a good weekend!


I asked Gale to send it to me, so I can post it (assuming it's not too frightening!)

I think I'm married to your husband. Or you're married to mine. Or they were gadget-nerd-twins, separated at birth.

The other day Lennart sends me an email with a little video attached. It's a blurry bouncy view (filmed via his sony ericsson P900) of the sidewalk outside our apartment buildings, and Lennart's commentary as he walks home from work. "This is the view walking home from work," says he..and then bouncily pans the phone-camera towards himself, "And if you want to see me, here I am too."

I made sure to be suitably impressed. :)

LOL! When ARE we going to get together?!!

Soon, I hope!

>Instead of worrying about the fact that finding a strange woman in >her mother's place in bed with her father didn't appear to faze her >in the least, I fell back asleep immediately.

Exactly what I would have done! Sometimes (often) our little one wants daddy if it is sleep time and she needs something. And I am happy to let daddy handle it while I snooze!

I love it when the kids yell for someone in the middle of the night and it isn't ME! Muahahahahaha!

I wanna see the straight hair also!

When's your birthday??!! How old??!! Don't have to reveal ;) But I can guess... ;) How exciting!!

Gale, PLEASE share the Afghan photo!!

When's my birthday? August 10th. How old. NOT 50 as ozswede was implying.

Oh that's AGES away! :) But I guess it's good to plan early. And I would NEVER assume that you were turning 50, 30 yes, 50 no.... :)

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