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Anders and I rented Catch Me If You Can last night. I could only sit and marvel at the difference in acting between Ben Affleck (whom you will remember I dissed after catching half his performance in The Sum of All Fears) and Tom Hanks...or for that matter, Leonardo DiCaprio, who I found actually made me forget for decent stretches of time that he was Leonardo DiCaprio.

Before that we watched most of the Ice Dancing Free Competition portion of the World Figure Skating Championships. I recognized several couples from the Europeans that I saw live last year, which was fun. The kids are behaving like wild monkeys and I'm about ready to pitch them outside on their ears. I've got laundry in. I need to eat something. Anders is playing hockey. I feel very accomplished because I got the kids to clean up the incredible mess of toys in the kids department with a extreme minimum of fuss. Go, me!

I was going to write a major rant about the unbelievable ridiculous level of pettiness that is American bureaucrazy* these days due to the fact that I'm mailing something to my sister for her birthday, but it makes my head hurt just remembering the ordeal I went through yesterday. Once she has her present, maybe I'll elaborate. But for now, just let me make it clear: the U.S. has gone completely overboard in their paranoia.

Note to self: It's not rational to get aggravated that you have register to read articles on major newspaper and magazine websites, especially when it's FREE registration. You don't need everything RIGHT NOW. Registration takes a few extra seconds.

In other news, I can't seem to take a non-blurry picture of my magnets. You'd be impressed, you would, by the level of blurriness I am able to achieve with a camera. But they all sure look great on my fridge.

*yes, that's spelled correctly. At least if you're dealing with the FDA.


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