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I'm now able to reveal that my design for the new logo of the AWC Malmö won, beating gale_storm's by a very thin margin. I'm quite happy with the design, and now we can start planning tshirts and such.
AWC Malmö
We had a record low turnout for the meeting last night: 11 people and that was counting 2 infants as one person. So the tone of the meeting was quite different, almost giddy, and we played a game that involves having a sticker put on your back with the name of a famous person/character that you then must figure out by asking yes or no questions. I could walk on water and I'm a big old bloody movie star at the moment, guess who? :)

The sticker game is a variation on Twenty Questions, and in another variation called Famous People*, it's how I caused most of one summer to pass in a blur. During college, instead of going home to swelter in the humid-hell that was Maryland (where my parents lived at the time), I wisely chose to spend the summers working on the Michigan State campus. The first summer it was cleaning the dorm, which I highly recommend to everyone because you will never be scared of mold or shower drains again. You'll be able to stand your ground and zap them with a full load of Lime-Away, shut the door firmly, and promptly forget about them, causing the supervisor to nearly have a heartattack when the fumes begin seeping out from under the closed door. Wait, where was I?

The second year, in an even wiser move, I signed up for painting crew instead of cleaning. As part of a group of friends, some 30 of us rampaged through Akers Hall with buckets of Eggshell Pale Parchment and deliberate handprints on our summer clothes. During our breaks and lunch we played lightning rounds of Euchre and sparked romances that lasted until the next Friday night party. When we were painting, two of us to a team, time hung and dragged. I usually taped edges, while Julie started cutting, then she rolled while I did the detail work. After the gossip ran out, we started playing Famous People to pass the time. After awhile, the teams in the rooms near us were playing along, and you could hear questions shouting up and down the halls, Are you in entertainment? Are you female? Are you alive? with the answers echoing back: no, no, yes until someone finally figured out the person in question was Dan Quayle.

If you guessed correctly, it was your turn next to think of someone. We got obsessed. The objects became harder and harder, because if someone chose a personality as ubiquitious as, say, Madonna, it would take literally 3 questions and someone would guess correctly. One particularly tough game day, near the end of summer, while sweating through nearly half a floor of rooms, the objects turned out to be Mother Nature, Ma Bell, the Statue of Liberty, the Hamburger Helper Helping Hand, Morris the Cat, and Milton the Pop-Up Toaster. And people last night at our meeting complained that NOAH was too hard. Sheesh. Wimps.


Yet Another Blog Book I Want: Never Threaten to Eat Your Co-Workers

*It's also, by the way, a GREAT game to make long car trips go faster. But be careful that you don't get so involved in the game that you start speeding and blow past that cop without noticing. :)

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