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Sometimes it's very hard to resist ascribing human motivations and emotions to the weather. Plus it makes for such great metaphors. :) This morning, Flyinge was blanketed with fog. The newly sprung green grass had a coating of frost. Everything was grey and white and opalescent. Driving through Flyinge and up the hill toward Lund, Father Sun was obviously trying to pull the blanket off, opening curtains, singing "Oh what a beautiful morning!" while the fog grumbled and tried to pull the covers up over its head.

Then, as I crested the hill and came out of the fog, I was suddenly in that monochrome Kansan farmhouse, dressed in my checked pinafore, opening the door to the technicolor sweep of OZ. I keep looking over my shoulder wondering where Glinda is, but all I see here are munchkins co-workers.

Certe, toto, sentio nos in kansate non iam adesse = You know, Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.*

It's Hump Day. Wednesday. Odin's Day. The middle of the week. Neither the end nor the beginning. Märta is coming over to help me get started on spring cleaning today and as a result, this morning I stressed out rushing around after I showered, getting beds made (for once), emptying the dishwasher, putting away the folded laundry from last night. I would have vacuumed if I'd had time. She is picking up the kids early as well, and knowing her, probably bringing dinner or baked goods to stuff our freezer with. And yes, I'm well aware of how incredibly luckyblessed we are.

*Everything sounds better in Latin. Thanks lonita!
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So let's see if I get this right, you rushed around cleaning so when somebody arrives to help you with spring cleaning, you've cleaned, at least the regular stuff?

Well, I couldn't let my mother-in-law know that we NEVER make our beds on work days and the sink was full of dishes and there are CRUMBS all over the playroom floor still!! aaaagh!!! :D

Yes yes yes, I SO know that. Lennart's mother is a clean freak and spent many years doing housecleaning for others. So I'm the same way. Again I think we must be married to separated-at-birth dudes. Or maybe it's the mothers who were separated at birth? :)

or it's us! :) go play my game!

I giggled reading how you rushed about picking up at home. My brother and sister-in-law have a cleaning lady who comes every second week and they always rush about on those Thursday mornings picking up so it is neat when she comes. *laugh* Since I am blessed with an incredible family here as well I know how you feel. It has made being far from home so much easier. *smile*

It definitely makes being far from home easier, although I still wish my mom and family were closer. :) My house usually IS neat, but because my MIL is a clean-freak, I'm especially self-conscious about my failings in that area. I'm afraid she thinks I'm raising her grandkids in a pigsty, honestly!! (it's not THAT bad, haha)

Your comment about Odin reminded me of something... Have you read American Gods by Neil Gaiman?

Not yet. I got it, and then a friend borrowed it while I was reading her copy of Neverwhere, and then she took it to Chile with her for a month and it got stolen cuz it was in her backpack when IT got stolen and now she's bought a new one and is reading it with the intent to give it back to me soon...I hope.

Dang! I wonder where that book is now...?

in a Chilean dumpster, I'm sure! :P

Awww... see, now that breaks my heart... let's pretend that some poor Chilean child found it and has learned to speak English by reading it, and he'll be so enchanted that he'll grow up to be the Chilean Gabriel Garcia Marquez... I like that story better than the one were the book ends up as toilet paper for homeless Chilean people...

you're a romantic, you are ! :D

Love Lloyd Cole! Is he big in Europe?

Actually, I don't know. I was all into him in Chicago, although I don't have any idea what he's done since I was there since I've been living in the European pop music wasteland (!) and my own personal cultural quagmire. I suspect he's not big here, though, or I'm sure I would have heard/seen SOMETHING.

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