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Mosaic Minds

The new issue of Mosaic Minds is up, full of great articles, stories and poems for you! The masthead was my design: it's a scanned photograph of a little glittery feather that jes6ica sent me in a crafty chica swap. I happen to love the theme this month: Winging It, which is not always how I behave or live my life, but it's a kind of daring that I admire and wish I had more courage for sometimes.
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Wheee, I feel so special! Really! :) It looks nifty! I am a maniacal exclamation point user these days!!!

*lol* You goob! :) !!! :) !!!

:) I do my best to live up to the typical goob-expectations. :)

It looks great. (delibrately not using an exclamation point.) I recognize your poem, I think I have read it before. It's so weird, I can't wait for the new issue comes out but then I start thinking about the fact I need to come up with something just as good again for the next issue.

You HAVE read it before. :) You have some more time with the next deadline...we've changed to a 6-week schedule because the monthly one was killing us. Submissions for the May 15th issue are due April 30th! :)

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