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It's sunning outside. The sun is coming down like crazy! It's a sunstorm!! And where am I? Am I out in the sun? NO, I am NOT out in the sun. I am sad because I am not out in the sun. I am sad. Sad I am. The sun is so out, in fact, that it has bleached the edges of the sky. It's blue at the top and white around the a sky left out in the...sun. Okay, that went nowhere. Made me giggle though.

Words/Phrases We Should All Use More Often: gonzo, fat lip, spork (or alternatively, skort)

Came home yesterday to an unbelievably clean house. The white gloves picked up absolutely no traces of dust ANYWHERE. My mother-in-law ROCKS. I sent them flowers today, special delivery. It was so easy and not expensive and I LOVE being able to click 15 times, fill in a form and press submit order, knowing that flowers are going to make someone's day the way a clean house made mine. Then I emailed the link to Interflora to Anders just in case he might need it in the near future.

Last night at choir we had seven new songs, all in Swedish. My head was literally swimming by the time we left and I rode home in Eva's car like a zombie. Here was something freaky about choir last week that I forgot to write about. The choir originated as the employee choir at Malmö General Hospital, and has been around for 30 years, just so you know. We practice in one of the buildings on the hospital campus. Nearly all the buildings on the campus are of uniform height, 5-6 stories high and the trees along the streets there are all as tall as the buildings.

I parked the car, and came through the hedge gate behind building 78 where we have practice and was immediately aware that all the crows in Sweden were having a rumble RIGHT OVER MY HEAD. Every rooftop and every treetop was literally and liberally coated with giant black birds. It looked like they were twitching (the roofs/trees, not the birds). I don't know if you've ever been under a crow corroboree, but man, those birds are LOUD. They sounded like rusty squeaky toys or maniac casteneters*. Thousands of them. Groups of them would take off and swoop wild ellipses over the trees and the noise level would increase as the birds in the trees would start screaming and the ones swirling would scream back, then they'd all settle down again. It was wild. I was early and the door was locked so I got to stand outside under the swaying trees and watch the crow show for nearly 10 minutes.

Anders discovered that our ticket price to the States drops 10,000 kronor if we leave August 1st instead of July 19th, so our vacation is probably being moved forward a bit. He just emailed me and said that he talked to his company travel agency and they only help employees with personal trips "when they have time," which they never do. But luckily, the guy he talked to is an old Scout-parent from Anders' home town and he told Anders he'd do it for us for old time's sake. I love people.

*Casteneteers? :D
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Actually, it WASN'T only in YOUR head! *boggle* haha! And stop spelling apologize with an s, or I'll have to give YOU a fat lip with a spork! muahahahahaha!

DUDE! I've assimilated to the English aversion to Z(ed)s. :P

I gotta spell it like that.... or the birds will come and peck my spleen.

or your zpleen! :P

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