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mood: speechless
music: me laughing my ass off


Rather reminds me of Jerry Lewis.

It has to be him...

It IS him! *boggle*

Holy JEEZ!

Who is that?

Jerry Lewis, the spaz.

yeah that's him alright!!

i used to do that when i was a made my mom flip out....every time i would do it...i would get a half hour lecture about how the glass can break in my mouth.....ahh i love gettin my mother going.....i should do it again this summer!! hehe!

you mean she didn't tell you your mouth would freeze like that?!! :P

This is exactly why Jerry Lewis is one of the greatest comedians of the 20th century.

Yowza! Looking at that makes my teeth hurt.

Scary! My X could put his entire fist in his mouth ... it used to freak me out! (Mind you I only saw him do it three times in eight years.) Ewww!

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