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Penelope, over at Lopie's Journal, posted a wonderful bit about laughter the other day and I just went back and read the comments and fell in love with people all over the place. Penelope's question was "[If your laugh was captured in a jar], What would your laugh look like?" Here are some of the answers:
  • ...bright red and twirl around in a small circle and then burst like a firecracker.

  • ...composed of precisely one hundred and three twinkly little firefly bums burning bright pink that explode all at once in one wheezy, high pitched HEE. Sometimes the firefly bum frenzy would be accompanied by a green spotted snort and hiccup, shaped like a hippo that I would try unsuccessfully to hide with my hand.

  • ...a laugh like from Hans Brinker's the Silver Skates, that could be pictured as silver bells, but if my laugh were in a jar it would be full from the beginning, like a pulsating balloon, and be slightly pink, sparkly, and girly.

  • ...start off deep purple—and then quickly turn bright yellow—then ping around from side to side in the jar threatening to shatter the glass—to prompt release and turn into a small puff of feather-like yellow material once released where people would hear little squealy giggles.

  • ...a white "wish" flower (from a seed pod) that would lift up into the air and twirl lightly on the breeze. The laughter would be the kind of infectious, cannot stop even if you are in church, convulsive, makes my sides hurt, can't breathe or I'll start laughing all over again, laughter.

  • ...deep deep red and form a shape to unlike the piece of space the spaceship goes through on the star trek opening music. and when not laughing it would be sat gently swirling around because laughter is never very far from the surface.

  • ...a green squiggly line, sometimes appearing at rest, but always on the verge of a good jar-shaking shimmy.

  • ...purple and bouncing all over the jar dying to come out, and it would burst free at the most inappropriate moment!

  • ...a big [silent] puff of pink smoke....Poof, Poof, Poof....

  • ...a pink wave, getting larger and collapsing and receeding and growing again... a constant cycle of laughter.
And my laugh? What would my laugh look like? It would look like this: Lizardek's Laugh


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