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Monday: Parent-Teacher conference for Martin
Tuesday: Dentist appointment for Karin
Wednesday: Choir
Thursday: Buy and color eggs for Easter egg hunt
Friday: Dinner with Anders' family for Easter, also start of 4-day weekend, woo hoo!
Saturday: Finish coloring eggs if necessary, double-40th birthday party for Mikael & Lene
Sunday: AWC Easter egg hunt and picnic
Monday: Collapse, muddy and exhausted
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Wow, I'm exhausted just reading that! I think you'll need a vacation to recover from the holiday weekend!

me, too. :( sigh.

How's this:
Monday: Watch Mae West in Klondike Annie to see if suitable for 8th graders.
Tuesday: Chiropractor, Yoga and Computer Therapy at Jackie's.
Friday: Half day of teaching, only they're doing morning classes, so I have two hours to go and BE. Official start of Spring Break.
Saturday: Drive to Charleston, SC. Meet Great-aunt Ruth's plane at 3:15. 4 p.m. Board cruise ship.
Saturday - Saturday: Cruise the Inland Waterways with Ruthie, recording her memories on my new taperecorder.
Arrive Jacksonville, FL, where JF will meet me with the van.

Traci and Rob are supposed to come from California this week, too, but I haven't heard from them, so am a bit clueless about how to plan for them.

Easter Holidays?

Oh, I forgot: Friday afternoon people will come over to paint Easter eggs with JF. End of holiday planning and commitments.

You've got 2 whole blank days there!! Swoon! :)


Well, daughter is home for the last time before she comes back to leave her stuff and then go off to Morocco in the Peace Corps. So I could have put...hang out with Natasha every day this week.

You have little kids, though. That automatically puts a bunch of stuff on your calendar that I don't have on mine. We did have a rule, though. Natasha got two after school activities a week that she would get chauffeur service for. She was in choir and voice or piano or debate. We refused (thanks to a selfish French husband who was never driven around anywhere in his youth) to tie up every afternoon and evening of the week driving our children around. Natasha was unusual among her peers.

Now I read in Mel Levine (A Mind at a Time, The Myth of Laziness, <a href=">All Kinds of Minds</a>) that America's children are overscheduled with too many activities aimed at making them "well-rounded." That they need more down time, thinking, dreaming, doodling, reading, fooling around time. Less scheduled so that more can "just happen." More encouragement to pursue private, individual interests, which develops intellectual curiosity.


Forgot the closing of the anchor tag. Sorry.

Re: Hedging

I think that's an excellent rule, actually. I plan to implement something similar, along with the "if you pay for a course/activity, you see it through to the end of the term no matter how much it turns out to suck" rule. If they want to be involved with more than that, I'll get them bus cards and show them how to use them. :)

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