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Once again, my husband left me with an empty gas tank this morning. argh

I almost hit a car this morning on the way to work because the sun was shining from behind me and I didn't see that he had his left-turn blinker on and thought he was going straight through the little traffic circle. :(

Still no reimbursement from work for those damned IKEA frames purchased over a month ago. The bill for over 5000 kronor has been paid by me, so we're out that money completely for the moment until the finance department gets their thumb out of their ass.

Trying to explain that formatting content for the web and for print are two completely different processes and never the twain shall meet makes my head hurt.

Lunch, consisting of nasty fried falukorv slices with nasty pineapple sauce and a nasty side of root-vegetable-and-potato-mash, was just nasty.

My head hurts.

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