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I have to drag that string of Christmas lights sometime and it would be my own fault if some of the bulbs are cracked or missing or won't light up, meaning that I couldn't leave the day with a sad/bad post.

Martin's parent-teacher conference went well and Martin is apparently aceing everything in sight, prompting me to take the teacher aback by asking her about programs to help exceptional children (!) The only thing we need to be concerned about at this point is his tendency to take things personally. He is a sensitive kid and often gets very upset by imagined insults or accidents. He just needs to learn how to shake things off a little better and "be a duck" as I like to say, but he's got plenty of time to learn how to do that!

The other preschool teacher included a note that mentioned her thought that Martin identifies too strongly with and plays too much with girls and that he should be encouraged to play more with boys. Anders and I both reacted to that one, quite strongly, and made it very clear that we prefer to allow Martin to form his OWN identity and make his OWN friends, thank you very much.

Tack så mycket to spykitten for making my day improve many degrees with the arrival of the candy package from the States! Mmmm M&M's! :D

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Tell me....are there any programs for exceptional children in sweden? it sounds like a very 'un-swedish' kind of thing.

There must be, although the teacher didn't really give me any answer, and made it seem almost as though I was asking an inappropriate question. :D I know that it's not very Swedish, which was partly why I asked, just to see what kind of reaction I'd get. She didn't actually say "You're so American" but I bet the thought passed through her mind!

There should be programs for exceptional children. You would think that a country that espouses how they are committed to and focused on our children, would understand that smart kids will lose interest if it isn't kept stimulated and they need those special programs. (yeah, I know it isn't lagom though *laugh*)

Good for you two making it known that your son will be allowed to grow and develop as he wishes, not as per some teachers idea of how "boys" should act. We had a little problem at preschool here when she had the girls doing craft projects while the boys did roughhousing. LL was sad because he wanted to make things too, so I brought it up to her that if the kids were interested in crafts it shouldn't make a difference if they are boys of girls. I get lots of nice crafts now. *laugh*

You're not the only one I've heard tell similar stories of gender division for games/activities here in Sweden. The mind reels that it still goes on, in this day and age, and ESPECIALLY in such a forward-thinking, equal opportunity, advanced country such as Sweden.

You guys are such cool parents! And hooray for you asking about exceptional kids programs! Why should there only be programs helping the kids who are a little behind? Seems pretty unfair to me! Perhaps if enough people in the schools realize that it actually doesn't hurt to promote good self-esteem, then such programs will start to appear!

I'm having pipe-dreams again, aren't I? ;)

Well, far be it from me to burst your bubble! lol :) She flabbergasted me at one point, actually, by telling me that when kids in Sweden start pre-school at age six, they are only expected to recognize the difference between letters and know that they are letters and know their numbers up to 10. *boggle* Martin was READING at that point, in TWO languages. I had to bite the "well, in America..." sentence back quite hard and left toothmarks in my tongue.

It's not easy becoming a duck, first you have to go a little quackers.

Good on you, what a silly teacher for suggesting you push your child towards playing with one gender more than another!! I played with boys exclusively when I was very young and the headmaster and my parents got together and chatted and as a result I got moved to an all girls school which I hated with a passion every single day :(

Honestly!! :( People can be so retarded. I can see if it was affecting your schoolwork or something, but otherwise, what the hell difference does it make? Most of that kind of reaction is suppressed homophobia, in my opinion. :(

Yeah I agree. I think also in my case my mother always had deep desires me for me to go to a snobby all girls school and was looking for any excuse :) The thing is, I was SO happy where I was. And we're talking year 3 and 4 so age 8 and 9 :(

I felt it necessary to clarify my last sentence...I meant, in the matter of identification. That if a child identifies too strongly with the opposite sex, they will "turn" gay.

That whole "turning" gay thinking is why the genetics behind homosexuality is such a hot debate. It gives people an opportunity to imply that one could be "turned" back to being straight. That brings images of those clinics designed to do just that and they personally scare the crap out of me. I think the main freak out about gender identification is that kids don't know that society has pushed the male/female dichotomy to the limit, they are acting naturally. The adults, however, are afraid that this behavior will bring an end to marketing demographics which will lead to chaos and the decline of civilization as we know it. Which, in my mind, wouldn't be that bad of a thing.

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