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I have to drag that string of Christmas lights sometime and it would be my own fault if some of the bulbs are cracked or missing or won't light up, meaning that I couldn't leave the day with a sad/bad post.

Martin's parent-teacher conference went well and Martin is apparently aceing everything in sight, prompting me to take the teacher aback by asking her about programs to help exceptional children (!) The only thing we need to be concerned about at this point is his tendency to take things personally. He is a sensitive kid and often gets very upset by imagined insults or accidents. He just needs to learn how to shake things off a little better and "be a duck" as I like to say, but he's got plenty of time to learn how to do that!

The other preschool teacher included a note that mentioned her thought that Martin identifies too strongly with and plays too much with girls and that he should be encouraged to play more with boys. Anders and I both reacted to that one, quite strongly, and made it very clear that we prefer to allow Martin to form his OWN identity and make his OWN friends, thank you very much.

Tack så mycket to spykitten for making my day improve many degrees with the arrival of the candy package from the States! Mmmm M&M's! :D

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