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After having been told to come home at 5:30 for dinner and showing up half an hour late, Karin's response when she came in the door and heard me exclaim "You're half an hour late, young lady!": Det gör ingenting, mamma.*

Upon subsequently being told that yes, it does indeed make a difference, and if she chooses to be late again, that will be an end to playing with friends before dinner, now get over to the table and eat: Ni bara tjata på mig hela tiden!**

And finally, opening the Easter card she received from Grandma Linda, flinging it violently to the table and grumping because there was no toy in it, whereupon Martin informed her that you can't always get what you want, I picked it up, read it to her, and then said, "You know, you don't always get toys from Grandma Linda, sometimes she sends you love instead."

Then, as I'm walking by him, I turn to Anders and under my breath, mutter, "Because we all know love is better than toys." Whereupon we both crack up.

*It makes no difference, mama.
**You guys just nag me all the time!
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