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After having been told to come home at 5:30 for dinner and showing up half an hour late, Karin's response when she came in the door and heard me exclaim "You're half an hour late, young lady!": Det gör ingenting, mamma.*

Upon subsequently being told that yes, it does indeed make a difference, and if she chooses to be late again, that will be an end to playing with friends before dinner, now get over to the table and eat: Ni bara tjata på mig hela tiden!**

And finally, opening the Easter card she received from Grandma Linda, flinging it violently to the table and grumping because there was no toy in it, whereupon Martin informed her that you can't always get what you want, I picked it up, read it to her, and then said, "You know, you don't always get toys from Grandma Linda, sometimes she sends you love instead."

Then, as I'm walking by him, I turn to Anders and under my breath, mutter, "Because we all know love is better than toys." Whereupon we both crack up.

*It makes no difference, mama.
**You guys just nag me all the time!
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I'd never really thought about this before, but do your kids speak Swedish primarily and English as a second language? I guess obviously if they were born and are growing up in Sweden they probably speak Swedish primarily. Is it weird having kids whose first language is different than your first language? Do they actually know the language better than you do?

They are truly bi-lingual, although they do use Swedish as their primary language right now. HOwever, both of them (Martin more so than Karin at this point) understand everything said to them in English, and they are both using quite a lot of English themselves. They switch back and forth quite comfortably. Martin just started with an English tutor during school hours for 1 hour a week (that will increase a bit next year) and they will both have English formally in school from the age of 9 as well. Martin is reading at age 6 level in both languages.

It's fairly humbling to know that no matter how fluent I am in Swedish, my children will ALWAYS be better at it than me. :) It doesn't bother me too much, though. I don't really consider that their first language is different from mine, more that they have two first languages, whereas my second one was the result of sheer hard work and a gift for languages.

I honestly don't expect that they will look down on my Swedish as poor once they understand themselves how incredibly difficult it is for most people to learn a second language as an adult. :)

What a piece of work, is Karin. I guess your day ended better than it started. I wish I could come over and color eggs with you. I love doing that, I don't know why. I won't do it this year because I have to work on Sunday. Yuck.

I just want to know what kind of toy she hoped would fall out of a card. :) Seriously, though, I think the ability to expect small everyday miracles is a truly sad loss as one becomes a grown-up. Grown-ups know that there are cards and there are gifts, and unless there is money involved, never the two shall meet. I would personally love to have a toy fall out of a birthday card and magically reassemble into say, a life-sized Barbie. Or a sack of potatoes. Or an iPod. I think that would be the height of cool. Whereas... a powdery heap of love spilling on the table would just have less of an effect, if you know what I'm saying. Before a certain age, kids just come up with the best solutions to everything because they have no conception of the Practical. I think that's very neat, and Karin is funny to boot!

She's hilarious. We're constantly having to turn away or go in the other room to laugh our heads off in silence. :) (She gets mad if we laugh AT her) I can actually understand her disappointment as the last few cards they've gotten from my mom had stickers, or a puzzle or coloring pages or something. :)

Wow! She's 15 already? My, how time flies! I love your comment to Anders, though. And Martin's reply to Karin. :)

Hee! :) Whenever anyone asks how old she is, I always answer, "4.5 going on 16"

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