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Good: The phone shells I designed for the Z600 telephone arrived yesterday and after handing them out to co-workers, the response has been overwhelmingly positive and flattering. :)

Bad: Finding out that Martin's first day of 1st grade starts on August 18th, meaning we can't go to the States for the whole month of August and are essentially back to square one regarding tickets. :(

Ugly: Marabou has a new candy easter egg, Påsk Ägg, out that comes in a little purple 4-egg carton with two tiny plastic spoons. They are milk chocolate filled with milk buttercream. I am SO in trouble. Who needs Cadbury?!
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Ugly: I must so find those! After all, I'm doing nothing else fun for easter. I might as well make a glutton of myself. ;)

Congrats on the phone design! What a hit! What do they look like? Sorry to hear your travel plans are being messed with again. Yick.

They're pretty obnoxious :) A checkerboard pattern in bright blue, black, white and light blue, with different symbols to represent chess pieces, cross, diamond, circle, and the bluetooth logo and ericsson logo (which I didn't want to include). They are definitely EYE-CATCHING, though! :D

My my my. Eye-catching would be the word for it!

Is this kind of design work part of your job regularly?

Design in general, yep, it's a big part of my job. Everything from print material to posters to web to presentations. This is the first thing I've ever done in PLASTIC, though! :D

Never could understand why people bother to buy imported chocolate when Sweden has good chocolate anyway, and now EGGS! I love the little spoon idea myself.

They're not as sweet as Cadbury's, but they are yummy!

Quitting sugar is hard, but so worth it. Just say NO! There will be no Cadbury or bunny ears for me this year. Just colored hard boiled eggs. Yum.

It's not sugar I have a problem with, it's bread, or rather carbs. And I will eat them until I die. Trying to cut down on them is hard enough, I can't imagine trying to go without them completely.

It's definitely not easy. The carbs aren't as hard for me, but with South Beach Diet you get to have some back in your life, just the right ones. Which are the non-refined ones, more whole grain. That's what's so good about this diet compared to Atkins, where you have to totally give them up.

I so wish you hadn't posted that about påsk ägg. I bought my last semlor of the season today, and had every intention to be a good little size-36-again-hopefull from now on. And with commenting that they aren't as sweet as Cadbury (which I think are too sweet), you have effectively demolished any chance of that happening. Are you happy now??? :)

Aug 18 seems very early to start school. Good luck with your planning!

I can send you the three I have left...then I can really be happy as that means I won't eat them myself! hahahaha! I thought Aug 18 was incredibly early myself. :(

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