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music: Here Comes Peter Cottontail, Hopping Down the Bunny Trail


Awww cute! Someone doesn't look happy though! :)

She didn't want her picture taken. The drawing on the egg is a Bionicle! :D

Oh my goodness, Liz, really nothing would have made my day cheer up more that seeing your kids with their Easter eggs. You just gave me the biggest smile...thank you. Happy face, grumpy face...they're both making me smile. :)

My job here is done. :D

*laugh* If ever someone needed to be told, 'One day, your face will freeze that way...'

I was _just_ thinking that! Your kids are great, Liz! :)

well, they're certainly never DULL ! :D

Awwww,cute kids. :)

Man I love your kids!! They are so great, so uniquely themselves. hehe

Thanks!! How was the big day? :)

haha!! those two are adorable!!! i just love their facial expressions...hehe...thanks for the smile!! :)

What great pictures! Their little faces are so expressive! :)

And I just realized you can see Martin's elusive little dimple! :D



*laughs more*

Karin is so funny! And look at the tiny little dimple!

CUTE! :) Have a wonderful time at the hunt. :)

She's a hoot, she is :) And I'm SO pleased that I finally captured that elusive dimple on film!

So when you make that smiley that looks like this- :( it is EXACTLY like Karin! I've never seen it more perfectly portrayed. My mother took photos of me at my 5th birthday when I was so pissed off that she invited this kid I hated that I was determined to scowl all day. And I did! There are photos of the kids all having a ball and me in the middle of it dressed in my best Shirley Temple dress and patent shoes and bobby socks with arms folded and a huge scowl on my face. And look how I turned out! (are you scared?)

lol ! I would love to see that picture! :)

Cute!! Great ages.

What a totally cool girl-child moment. She looks as if she's ready to squeeze that egg into tiny bits or heave it in an unfriendly direction.

Karin SMASH puny egg! hahahahaha! She's a Hulk-baby! :)

Excellent pictures! Especially your daughter- that's a classic!

You have got to save that pic of K. to show what trouble she was when she was little!

You wouldn't believe the amount of "funny face" pictures of Karin we have already! And she's not even FIVE yet! :D

Oh, what a face!

Satisfied customer...not so satisfied customer?

hee hee

I'm sure you hear this a lot, but your kids are adorable! :)

I never consider myself to be in the loop for anything; what is a bionicle?

It's a Lego Karin is obsessed with them. :)

Your kids are sooo cute!! Delayed response from me as I was offline over Easter sadly but I couldn't resist commenting, they are gorgeous!! Those eyes and eyebrows, they are going to knock 'em dead when they're older :)

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