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Dear Blogs I Like,
You're making me all sad with the no posting for days on end. I click on you each day, hoping for some scintillation, or even just a funny anecdote or a little word or two, and your post from February 28th or March 3rd or January 31st is still there. Refresh gets me nothing. Is it so hard to put your life aside for a moment and write about it? How can we who read you obsessively cheer, commiserate and laugh along with you if you stop posting? If it didn't add to your surely already massive guilt about not posting daily, I'd tell you you're letting down your team. You're forcing me to go out and find new blogs to read because I just can't deal with the disappointment of no update day after day after day.


Note to self: get a life.
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Mimi Smartypants letting you down too? I just updated!

Hey, I have the same thing going. I updated 3 times yesterday and just sat around waiting for someone else to update.

LOL >:) click click click...*holds up mouse, shakes it* is there something wrong with this thing?! hahahaha!

I'm glad I'm not the only one missing some good writing. I get a tad depressed when my favourite writers go AWOL as well. You'll have to check my favourite links when you are here (maybe not the scary ones, though). And what happened to kim_jong_il__? I used to love that to start my day!

I have a great friend working as a lecturer in China (an Aussie) who sends me the most riotious letters about his experiences. He writes SO WELL and it is wonderful to read. I'm trying to pressure him into blogging as that would be a MUST READ sort of thing. I sent him this blog to see if he'd like to do something like that. Fingers crossed. And I even thought of a name for it - his names is Les, so I suggested Les We Forget, but he thought it was too corny, even for him.

I'll forward you his latest letter so you get the idea.

Great journal! :) And thanks for sending me the email, your friend should DEFINITELY start a blog! Les We Forget has just the right tough of corn and pathos, tell him that I said so. And I haven't seen anything from kim_jong_il in ages, but his creator, hipstomp is alive and well and updates fairly frequently. :)

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