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I feel sure that my kids are on to me. We got home so late from the party last night that I forgot about hiding the eggs so they didn't get hid until the kids were eating breakfast at 9 a.m. After they finished, and found them (in pathetically easy places), Martin made a remark that he had seen his Easter bag the day before in the kitchen. "Really? How strange," I said and left it at that. They're buzzing like candy bees now.

I'm relatively ticked off at Anders about the party last night and my role as designated driver for life, but after writing and erasing a couple of paragraphs explaining it, I've decided I don't want to talk about it right now.

More later when I'm in a better mood.
mood: discontent
music: none. just me.


FOR LIFE?? I'd demand a recount or at least equal drinking time! And since I live with a Swede too, I think I can read between the lines of your "I don't want to talk about it now."

Well, since I don't drink, and Anders does, it's sometimes a little hard to justify making him drive home. But when it means that we leave later than I'd like to (and I still have to drive the babysitter home as well after we get home), and I don't get a thank you or anything, that's when I start getting upset. :(

You tell him you need thank-yous and flowers more often, or it's the Lysistrata Treatment for him! :)

flowers? what are those?

My God, woman! Haven't you been reading idahoswede's journal?! Show the pictures to Anders immediately!!! Spell the word slowly for him: F - L - O - W - R - Z

Tell him they're cheap compared to the Lysistrata Treatment. I think that needs a trademark symbol: "The Lysistrata TreatmentTM"

You obviously don't know what I'm up against. :P

I think you need to start a spam email campaign to market Thé Lysisträtà Trêátmënt immediately. *lol*

He can't spell, huh? Yeah, that makes it tough. ;)

Oooh, I love it. I wonder how much dough I could make "in the comfort of my own home, working my own hours"?

Sometimes you just can't get it out on paper, although it seems like it would make it all feel better. That's the frustrating part.

Hope your mood improves!

Thank you! :) It is, slowly.

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