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I got to hear the sound of rejoicing today. It's a pity that we adults no longer remember those moments of epiphany when we suddenly GOT something for the very first time. When we figured out how to tie a shoe, or ride a bike with no training wheels, or how to say exactly the right thing so that Mommy would let us stay up for 10 more minutes.

Martin has the most amazing belly laugh. When something strikes him as funny, he laughs his head off. He doesn't hold back. It's infectious and so inviting that I'm willing to bet large amounts of money that you'll laugh along with him every time. We were sitting on the couch, or rather, I was sitting, and he was lying in my lap preventing me from reading, so I taught him how to tell knock-knock jokes. The first one got a reaction I hadn't quite expected:

Me: Knock knock
Martin: Who's there?
Me: Boo
Martin: Boo who?
Me: Why're you crying?!

He started to laugh because I was kind of laughing, and I could actually HEAR IN HIS LAUGH the moment when he GOT it and his laughter turned genuine and busted out of him with joy. The anticipation in his eyes and his unfeigned hilarity for each new joke was brilliant. It lit him up from the inside and made me want to hug him really hard.

Martin's favorite:
Me: Knock knock
Martin: Who's there?
Me: Spell
Martin: Spell who?
Me: W—H—O

My favorite:
Me: Knock knock
Martin: Who's there?
Me: Interrupting cow
Martin: Interrupting co--(interrupted by Me: MOO!)

Nearly 200 eggs + 30-some kids + blue skies, sunshine, big floaty puffball clouds + strolling geese + interested onlookers + picnics on blankets = RECIPE FOR SUCCESSFUL EASTER EGG HUNT :D

And as Easter passes once more, I leave you with this:
Jesus Peeps
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Suffer the little bunnies...

That whole post was beautiful. Did you hug him real hard? You better have! :)

Suffer the little bunnies SEPARATED AT BIRTH! That is EXACTLY what I thought when I saw that picture. I'm so going to hell. :D

And are you KIDDING? I practically squished him. :)

Are you sure we're not related somehow. :) We could always pretend!

haha!!! that's great!!! i wish i could have heard that does sound infectious...just the way you describe it!

I tried to try the knock knock jokes on erik....but he had never heard of a knock knock joke before!?!?!? *slaps forehead* he must be tired...or i have a lot of work to do...


I don't think they have anything similar in Swedish, so you'd better get busy! :D There are LOTS of sites on the web to help if you get stuck. Try this one:

Knock knock
Who's there?
Olive who?
Olive YOU!

I liked Tom Hanks' knock-knock joke on Catch Me If You Can. Just think of all the other cool things you get to see him experience, aren't you the lucky duck?

knock knock
who's there?
apple who?
knock knock
who's there?
apple who?
knock knock
who's there?
orange who?
orange you glad I didn't say apple!

bahaha! I forgot about that one! Martin is going to love it!

Yes he will!

knock knock
who's tere?
canoe who?
canoe come out and play with me?

Knock knock
Who's there?
Freddy who?
Freddy or not, here I come!

Oh I haven't heard that one yet! Cute!

Damn, I have some VERY strange friends here! Best use for Peeps I've ever seen.

It was from a contest, that was actually 2nd place! :D


LMAO@ the knock Knock digs.neveeah knew theere wud be so many!! I only now the hair one remember?

Me:knock knock
He:who's there?
He:hair who?
Me:hair today..gone tomorrow! I know i know its poor one.....urs was much cooler ;D


Thanks for the brialliant desription of your son's laugh... I wish every Mom were so attentive. They don't know what they're missin'!

and Jesus peeps......LOL

oops, my inner speller was asleep!

That laugh sounds so cool! Maybe you can record it for us? :)

That's a great idea, except I don't really have anything to record it with! I'll have to see what I can do.

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