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Okay, I'll join the crowd. Ask me three questions, no more and no less. Three is the number thou shalt ask, and the number of the questions shall be three. Ask me anything you want. :)

Baaaa Lonita's Sheep
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1. Why lizards?

2. Favorite painter?

3. How's the weather down there today?

1) Because it was my nickname from my dad when I was a child, frequently shortened to Zird. :)

2) Aaagh. Hard one! This is nearly as bad as being asked that one book on the desert island question. Michelangelo if I have to pick ONE.

3) Sunny and gorgeous, although from inside the office-cave you'd barely know it. argh.

I like your sheep!

1. Why did God create the world in seven days instead of, say, thirty?

2. How do you pronounce your kids' names in English, if you do so? And why did you decide on those names?

3. If you were the leader of the world, what would be the first four things you would do to make it better?

1) Because then we'd have to work for a MONTH before getting a weekend off.

2) Martin is pretty much the same, with a flatter "a" than when we say it in Swedish. I pronounce Karin the American way: Care-in, but I usually tell people to pick one way of pronounciation (Care-in, Car-in) and be consistent. Our goal was actually to choose names that would sound fairly similar in both English and Swedish, so I think we succeeded pretty well. I had Martin chosen as a boy's name from long long ago along with my farfar's name as a middle name (Danely), but the middle name got vetoed because it was too hard to pronounce for Swedes, so we took my morfar's name instead and he was named Martin Wallace. :) Karin Elizabeth was what I originally had picked out for a girl, but since Martin got a middle name from my side of the family, Anders wanted something more "Swedish" so she ended up as Karin Linnéa.

3) Is this assuming I have god-like powers? Make the environment/conservation/preservation the number one priority. Slow the birth rate slightly. Remove the territorial tendency of humans. Geez, this is hard. Turn over the money spent on weapons research and production to medical research instead.

Are you sometimes called... Tim?

What is the name of the castle you live in?

Can you get me a shrubbery?

1) Only by Tom.

2) Inthesky

3) I fart in your general direction.

1- what did you mean by joining the crowd?

2-how/why did you discover live journal?

3-what are you current long term personal goals?
[a question I am pondering in my life, and ask almost everyone]

1) I meant because it's a meme. Actually, it was idahowswede that started this one (for me, anyway).

2) A woman I know, who has since become a friend, had a link to hers from her profile on an online forum we both used to frequent (for Americans moving to & living in Sweden). I read her entire journal and thought about it for many months before finally taking the plunge. My motivation was to kick-start my own writing. Instead, I'm afraid, it's kick-started my LJ addiction. :D

3) Lose weight, start eating better and exercising. Begin writing poetry again. Live for 2-3 years in another country where both my husband and I can be the foreigner at the same time. :)

What other career would you do if you had the chance?

What is your favorite curse word?

Where is your ultimate vacation destination?

1) Publisher or librarian :)

2) Fan! (pronounced fahn) in Swedish, which means "devil." You can get really down and cursey if you say FY FAN! (which means Fie Devil!)

3) SCOTLAND!! Can you believe I STILL haven't been?!

1) Do you plan on having another child or is two the perfect number?
2) If you had an hour to yourself every day to "create", what would you do?
3) What is your absolute favourite "material" possession!

1) no way, man, I am SO DONE! 1 boy and 1 girl: couldn't be happier!

2) I would write poetry and work on my collage book

3) yow, that's a really really hard question. I had to go walk around my house and think about it. My absolute favorite material possession is a gold ring with 6 anniversary-style opals (brightly-colored ones, not the milky pale kind) in a row. I bought it in St. Thomas when I was there with my sister a couple of months before I met Anders. It was the most expensive and most beautiful thing I'd ever bought for myself. It makes me happy when I wear it. :)

here are some questions...i am using basically the same ones for everyone. hope you don't mind...:)

1. If you could be any colour what would it be?

2. If you could have one of the following super powers, which one would you pick? Teleporting, Invisibility, Telepathy.

3. What's the biggest challenge that you've had to face in your life so far?

1) It ain't easy being green, but I think that's what I'd have to go with. :D

2) Teleporting without hesitation! Just think of all the stress I'd be saving right now instead of looking for cheaper plane tickets to the States!

3) Parenting. Hands down.

1 - List your favourite top three films. (okay, so this answer is valid only for today - less pressure then)

2 - If you were on a talent show and were scheduled to sing a solo, what song would you choose to sing and why?

3 - If you had One Last Feast (death row scenario without the crime- hee), what would you have on your menu? (ie top favourite foods ever)

(btw, I'm stealing the sheep!)

1) Ladyhawke. Fanny and Alexander. My Fair Lady.

2) There Are Worse Things I Could Do (from Grease) I sing it in the car all the time. :) or possibly Frank Mills (from Hair)

3) sushi. maybe THAT OMELETTE again. chicken pot pie. spinach. seedless grapes. amaretto ice cream


1. What is the one favorite thing about each of your family members?

2. Which cultural icon has made the biggest impression in your life?

3. What is the most memorable place that you have been to?


my answers:
Mom - Her genuine love
Dad - His tough love (that I discovered too late)
Sarah - Her Maximum Verbosity
Lizard - Her love of all things fun
Myself - My Honesty

2.) The computer (dammit)
3.) (TIE) Southern Utah with its magnificent mars like world and Crater Lake with its deepest darkest mirror reflection

If you're answering your own questions, it's time for you to get a journal!! Go here, NOW: Create Your Own LJ

Mom: Her amazing memory and her unquestioning no-matter-what love for us
Dad: His love of music
Sarah: Her incredible generosity
John: His lightning-quick response time and wit
Myself: My ability to be friends with all kinds of people

2) I'm not sure what you mean by cultural icon. Your answer makes me assume you mean it in a technological sense, in which case my answer has to be the same as yours: the computer

3) The Grand Canyon. The mind boggles.


Arent we forgetting someone(s) in answer 1?
Karin, Martin, Anders? they are YOUR family too.

cultural icons I assumed could be anything from the lite brite to someother item that is part of your culture. Barbie doll, McD´s, etc.....

what quick wit?

you're right...what quick wit? hahaha!

Well DOH, it's that same damn thing I was just talking about the other day. Who IS my family? And I was just following your lead, you donut.

Anders: His patience and his thoroughness
Martin: His creativity and his sense of fun
Karin: Her intense joy in being, doing, living

three more:
1. What is your "secret" passion/dream?
2. If you could go back and change something in your life, what would it be?
3. Your ideal meal,setting and with whom?

1) To live in Chicago again, I'd have to say. :)

2) Oh man, that's a hard one. I only have one real major regret in my life and it's not something many people know about, and not something I'll share here (no offense), so I'll just say that I wish I had been more careful once and prevented something which I could have prevented easily with a little more forethought.

3) Oh! so many choices :) I'll say a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, complete with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, baby carrots, black olives, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, celebrated in my home with my first family, Anders, my children, and my best friends. We do this every year in Sweden, with our closest American-Swedish couple friends and it is something I LOVE. My family and most of my friends are so far away, it would be a delight to have them all around me again.

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