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Things That Made Me Laugh Today:
  • This blonde joke over at Genuine
  • The spoiler on the back of my husband's new motorcycle helmet
  • A bulletpoint from a list of "Things That Are Different in Sweden" proclaiming that No salad is complete without grated carrots. It's so TRUE! What's up with the giant piles of grated carrots, already?!
  • New blog find: Finslippy
  • Being greeted by my kids with little red plastic lawn chairs upside down on their heads as I pulled into the driveway after work
+ Anders in motorcycle leathers = rowr!

And Hey! Did you Ask Me Questions Yet? I'll Answer Them, I Will!

My brother made me happy last night by declaring with no sarcasm whatsoever that if he was on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire and needed a lifeline for a literature question he would totally call me. Of course, then he'd probably make me answer THREE questions like he used to when we played Trivial Pursuit and I landed on brown.

Anders plays Trivial Pursuit with my family only if he's wearing full protective gear. He claims it should be called Trivial Abuse instead. I miss playing games! We don't play games nearly enough. That's something I'd like to set aside time for. I need more time! Thank goodness the days are lengthening!

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