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Things That Made Me Laugh Today:
  • This blonde joke over at Genuine
  • The spoiler on the back of my husband's new motorcycle helmet
  • A bulletpoint from a list of "Things That Are Different in Sweden" proclaiming that No salad is complete without grated carrots. It's so TRUE! What's up with the giant piles of grated carrots, already?!
  • New blog find: Finslippy
  • Being greeted by my kids with little red plastic lawn chairs upside down on their heads as I pulled into the driveway after work
+ Anders in motorcycle leathers = rowr!

And Hey! Did you Ask Me Questions Yet? I'll Answer Them, I Will!

My brother made me happy last night by declaring with no sarcasm whatsoever that if he was on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire and needed a lifeline for a literature question he would totally call me. Of course, then he'd probably make me answer THREE questions like he used to when we played Trivial Pursuit and I landed on brown.

Anders plays Trivial Pursuit with my family only if he's wearing full protective gear. He claims it should be called Trivial Abuse instead. I miss playing games! We don't play games nearly enough. That's something I'd like to set aside time for. I need more time! Thank goodness the days are lengthening!

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And sometimes a pile of grated carrots alone is considered salad! Who knew? [mysterious radio voice]The Swedes knew![/mysterious radio voice]

We could play a game. I love trivial pursuit! But perhaps you'd prefer crafting. Or there's always both! Whatever. I'm easy. ;)

I'd LOVE to play games! I don't know how up for it Gale would be, though. :) But I can craft too, and you said you wanted to make magnets!

Magnets, woo! Me, I just want it all, you see! But I'll go with the flow. :)

we've started playing games more recently. we found this fun one called hoopla by cranium. you work together to try to beat the clock. and it can be played by as few as 2 people. you have to role the dice to see if you have to draw or act or give a certian type of clue. lots of fun. and it's a 15 min timer so the games aren't too long.

I've heard good things about that game from others, too. I'll have to look it up when we get to the States this summer and see if I can afford it. :)

A bulletpoint from a list of "Things That Are Different in Sweden" proclaiming that No salad is complete without grated carrots. It's so TRUE! What's up with the giant piles of grated carrots, already?!

aaaaaaaaaaagh! i was hoping that this was a localized family thing (a family of vegetarians mind you) but now i learn it's a cultural thing! aaaaaaaaaagh!

hahahahaha!!! I'm afraid so! I'm always scared and amazed whenever I'm in the lunch restaurant at work and see the giant piles of grated carrots on all the Swede's plates :)

I'm trying to plan a team building event in the training department were we rent a 2 bedroom villa and spend all day watching Lord of the Rings and playing Haunted Mansion Clue and Disney Charades.

That sounds like my kind of team-building event! How do you play Haunted Mansion Clue? Is it a new one?

I LIKE the carrots (they are grown locally, by the way). Swedish carrots are much sweeter and don't leave that bitter aftertaste I've come to associate with carrots in my youth! Love the helmet, I'll have to post a photo of MY Anders in his new biker bibs once he gets them. The Colombia tracing team (who knew?) with the word Colombia running right across his ass!

Yes, but not a WHOLE PLATE FULL of them, every day!

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