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Woke up this morning with a migraine and was afraid to move for fear of throwing up. Anders dropped the kids off and I laid in bed until I could get up and fetch medicine. Then I fell back asleep. I made it to work at 10:30 but I don't really feel up to par and I'm certainly not earning my salary yet.

Anders brought me home a huge bouquet of red and yellow fluffy-edge tulips yesterday and we picked up the kids and went to Malmö for dinner at Jensens Bøfhus. Unfortunately their ice cream machine was broken so the kids couldn't have sundaes, so we went and bought GB Glace and sat at the edge of the canal with the brass cats until it got too cold.

The sun has been shining for what has to be a record number of days in a row. Today was the first day I went out with no jacket at all. Most of the bushes have exploded with little green leaves and the trees are ready to blow any day. The black-breasted pheasant that lives near the entrance to our neighborhood was strutting out with his red neck feathers blinding in the sunshine. The pussywillows are popping with pollen and huge, clumsy bumblebees bobble through the air.

It's a social weekend: Social Circle tonight and tomorrow jes6ica comes to town!

Run, Don't Walk, This Made Me SQUIRT Tears of Laughter: Miss Doxie

Whoa. Freakadelic: Human Descent (thanks for the link, Kate!)

Better Than Barbie? Jesus Christ Action Figure
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