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Busy busy weekend which just flew by until it crashed to a stop this afternoon after I dropped jes6ica and galestorm at the train station to go their respective ways home. I returned home and crashed myself, on the bed, for over an hour. I feel like, as jes6ica so succinctly put it not so long ago, hammered shit. I just hope that I didn't give whatever this bodyslam is to either one of them. Thanks again for dinner, Jessica, and Gale for the yummy homemade chocolate chip goodness. It was GREAT fun! :)

Weekend highlights: Friday night's Social Circle where Marda and I made a tentative arrangement to exchange services, me: design for her business cards and flyer, her: weightloss counseling for me. Too much tapas (is that possible? yes it actually is), having Gale come over to see what had made my voice rise a whole octave while we were shopping, the weather, making magnets (I'm addicted!!), girl-talk, delicious zucchini soup for lunch today, walking into St. Petri Church to find a choir with voices raised in song, until a soprano made an abrupt entrance with a painfully off-key high note, causing me to turn and race out of the church to avoid busting out echoes like crazy in churches, you know.

I can't wait to meet up in Gothenburg next time!

Another busy week ahead for me. AWC board meeting and regional planning potluck on Tuesday, choir on Wednesday, and book group on Thursday. This cold better be superficial.

Off to rest my little head in bed.
tired but happy
mood: tired but happy
music: none. just me.


And don't forget regression to the age of 12.

haha! There's your boyfriend! >:P

How wonderful that you got to meet and hang out with friends you've gotten to know in this live journal way.

and tell more about magnets! (have you already and I missed it somewhere?)
I have this magnet thing.. always planning on making them, but scarcely ever manifesting anything but materials

It was so cool to meet an LJ friend, and I'm doing it again at the end of May, going to meet another person I only know online :)

The magnets are SO addictive and so easy! You need clear marbles, flat on one side, a hole punch that is the same size as the back of the marbles (ours was 1/2 inch) and pictures or stamps. I used stuff cut out of magazines, postage stamps, rubber stamped images, etc. You also need a clear silicon glue, and magnets approximately the same size or slightly smaller than your image. Easy-peasy!

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