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The shit hammering continues.

mood: sick
music: none. just me feeling sorry for myself.


Hope it doesn't splatter far.

(Feel better soon!)

You run yourself ragged, woman.

*emails you some homemade 'guarenteed to make you feel better' potato soup*

Hope you feel better soon, babe.

I'm sorrrryyyy! I think if the tapas had been spicier, we could have *burned* that cold out of you! :)

LOL! You're probably right. I just hope YOU don't get this!!

I'll take some extra vitamin c precautions, but if I _do_ get it, I'll be sure to blame you loudly! :)

Hope you feel better soon!

Lots of vitamin C!

Hope it goes over soon!!

Feel better soon.

Sorry you are unwell. Hope you get better soon. Want to come here and join us for our sleepless nights? You can cough and L-G can scratch. Could be fun (or fan)

*sends miso soup and backrubs*

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