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This morning I stirred around 5:30 a.m. and realized that Martin was in the room with us. Anders got up shortly thereafter to shower and they had breakfast together and were finished around the time I got up at 6:45. From the time they got into the kitchen, Martin was talking non-stop. He talked for nearly an hour. When Anders came to say goodbye just after I'd gotten out of the shower, I asked him, "WHAT is he talking about? He's been talking for an hour!" Anders laughed and just shook his head, and told me that you don't actually have to answer, you just have to be present. :) I asked Martin later what he had been talking about, and part of it was the new Milky Star character on the side of the milk carton (She's a superhero made strong by milk, natch) and part was about the dream he had which was extremely complicated so I won't go into it here.

I'm reminded of something a colleague of my sister's once asked her. She had been explaining something to this new employee and holding forth at great length, and she said the employee's eyes got larger and larger while she was talking and finally my sister stopped and said, "What?" and the person asked her, "Do you breathe through your ears?"

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LOL. This so reminded me of my son. He starts talking when his feet hit the floor and he doesn't stop until he falls asleep. If we are not listening to him, he talks to whatever is around. Yesterday during the traumatic 45 minute long "get dressed for school please" session, he lay in bed with his t-shirt on and talked to his sock. *laugh*

LOL! how hilarious!! that's my kid to a T :) :)

My daughter had an imaginary friend, Geoff, that she talked to incessantly. He apparently lived in her top drawer and was far more interesting than her boring parents. I guess she was around 5 years old and Geoff lived with us for about a year. Anything that she did wrong was because "Geoff said it was okay"... Perhaps I can see if he's free to come stay with you. :)

He'll have to sleep in the playroom.

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