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Along Planteskolevägen, daffodils bow their heads and curtsey before the royal red crowns of the regal tulips. The sun is out, and you'd think by now I'd be used to it, but no. It's just as awesome and bright every day it makes an appearance. The fields are plowed and turned and fertilized and some of them are even green, tiny little rape plants already pushing forth. Fields of rape. Rape fields. Amazing that something that sounds so potentially horrifying produces such unbelievable BRIGHT yellow blooms. You'd swear they're fake. Nothing can be that yellow, right? Wrong.

I don't like the smell of rapeseed though. It's oily and oppressive, exactly like something named rapeseed OUGHT to smell like.

Prepare to Be Awed: Sensitive Light

Things I Have To Do in the Very Near Future:
  • finish the AWC website (before Tuesday)
  • AWC printed newsletter
  • Martin's Swedish passport renewal application dropped off
  • Marda's business cards/flyers
  • buy soccer shoes, socks and shin guards for Karin (before Monday)
  • laundry
  • beg people for poetry submissions for Mosaic Minds
  • design an invitation to choir party (before Tuesday)
  • nail down details for AWC tshirts with Emily

Yesterday, in the mail, I got this Raven Pendant from esmecat. She sent it to me because I admired it. It's even more beautiful in real life than that photo makes it out to be. I'm thrilled and touched and happy.

Moods That My Mood Set Lacks: peachy, ducky, gooberish, snucky, headachey, smart-alecky

We're working on a shivery delicious song in choir called Visa Vid Midsommartid (Song for Midsummer Time). At first, I didn't like it, because it's not a very easy melody, but after working with it for a bit, I've fallen in love. It makes me think of forest trolls, and moonshine on still water and young girls putting flowers under their pillows in the hopes of dreaming of the one they'll marry. It makes me want to sing at night. Here's the first verse (and thanks to swingtime now the WHOLE first verse and not just the alto part, see verse 2 in the comments):

Du lindar av olvon en midsommarkrans och hänger den om ditt hår. Du skrattar åt mångubbens benvita glans, som högt över tallen står. I natt skall du dansa vid Svartrama tjärn i långdans, i språngdans på glödande järn. I natt är du bjuden av dimman till dans, där Ull-Stina, Kull-Lina går.*

Another song that we are singing is called Hårgalåten, and I love it even more, if that's possible. It tells the tale of a group of young people, living beneath Hårga mountain, who gather one evening to party. They should have known better since it was a high holy day. They had no one to play for them, but just then a mysterious musician appeared at the edge of the forest and immediately began playing a bewitching tune on the violin. The youngsters felt impelled to dance, without really understanding why. Then, one of the youths discovered that the violinist had goat's hooves instead of feet. By then, however, it was too late, and the musician, never ceasing to play, led them up the mountain where he played by the steep cliffsides until only a ring of grinning skulls was left. *shiver and grin*

*You wrap guelder-rose into a midsummer wreath and hang it on your hair. You laugh at the bone-white lustre of the man in the moon standing over the pines. Tonight you shall dance by the black-framed pool, a long dance, a leaping dance, on glowing heat. Tonight, you're invited by the fog to dance, there where the fog-elves walk.
mood: peachy
music: Sundays—A Certain Someone


I LOVE the pendant! We were actually considering the name Edgar Allan for Charlie, but decided against it :D.

It's BEAUTIFUL, isn't it?! :) I'm glad you reconsidered Charlie's name, LOL! I think being saddled with the name of someone famous like that is a trial :)

I'm in awe of anyone who can sing. We have a swedish friend who does barbershop quartet which involves nothing except the acapella parts. I always hope there's lots of background instrumentals to drown out the noise I make. What a great way to learn traditional swedish songs.

I've never done real barbershop, but I've sung a LOT of a capella. Even alone (eek!) It is a super way to learn traditional songs, being in a choir. I've learned a slew of traditional spring and christmas songs already after one year :)

I love the words to that song! I would love to hear it sung. Love it!

It sends chills up your spine :)

That photo looks VERY similar to the fields around my village. There are two fields of rape very closeby and they're going bright yellow now. :) It's great! :) I'll try and get some pics. (and of the view from the allotments too!)

Oh, did you know you can make 'new' mood things by just using the 'other' thing. Choose one of the standards 'moods' which provides the picture and then put whatever adjective your little heart desires. I can't believe it took me this long to figure out! ;)

Oh yeah, and this *BIG HUG* is for you.

I needed that BIG HUG and send you back a big one, too. And no, I didn't know about the 'other mood' thing, and have been wondering how people did that, thank you for the tip!! :D

Sjunger du alt-stämma?
Texten var nästan rätt men inte riktigt. Sopranerna sjunger:

Du lindar av olvon en midsommarkrans
och hänger den om ditt hår.
Du skrattar åt mångubbens benvita glans,
som högt över tallen står.
I natt skall du dansa vid Svartrama tjärn
i långdans, i språngdans på glödande järn.
I natt är du bjuden av dimman till dans,
där Ull-Stina, Kull-Lina går.

Nu tager du månen från Blåbergets kam
att ge dig en glorias sken.
Och ynglet som avlas i gölarnas slam
blir fålar på flygande ben.
Nu far du till Mosslinda, Mosslunda mor,
där Ull-Stina, Kull-Lina, Gull-Fina bor.
I natt skall du somna vid Svartrama damm
där natten och mossan är len

Hahahah! I DO sing alto! :) You guessed my secret :) I was at work when I wrote that, and didn't have the music in front of me, so I could only put the words that I knew. :D Thanks for the whole thing. We had learned the first verse, and just got the second one without the music so are learning that one now. I LOVE this song.

I forgot to ask you, do you know if there's any other way to translate Ull-Stina, Kull-Lina Gull-Fina? The ladies in my choir could only say it was a traditional nickname for a shepherdess.

HA! Visste väl att du var alt! :-)
Ull-Stina & Co tror jag inte är några shepardesses. Jag tror det är omskrivningar för dimma, (fog) sådan lätt, liksom dansande dimma som kommer och går. Dimma kallas också älvdans på svenska, det har med folktron att göra, att man trodde att de lätta vita slöjorna var älvor som dansade. Så jag skulle säga att Ull-Stina, Kull-Lina och Gull-fina är älvor.

HOW COOL!! I'll edit my translation. Thank you!!

Tänk på en sådan ljus sommarnatt när det inte blir mörkt riktigt alls, just vid midsommartiden.
Sent på natten, vid midnatt, tycker jag att denna sång hör hemma. Den är trolsk och mystisk lite som ljuset vid midsommar.
Svartrama tjärn, det är dolskt och magiskt, många av de små tjärnarna, (skogssjöarna), är djupa, nästan bottenlösa och ofta verkar vattnet i dem klart med alldeles svart.
Det är massor med folktro och svensk naturmagi i den här sången.
Jag har alltid gillat att sjunga den, jag gillar moll/durväxlingen i melodin också.

You find the coolest stuff! That photographer's blog is amazing... such crisp, pure light... very inspiring!

And that song... people are so much more creative in the frozen northland... when it's 75 degrees out and the weather's balmy, you just want to lay there and be happy doing nothing... but the cold - that gets people moving... That's where I'd rather be... :)

One day I'll take voice lessons and piano lessons and learn how to do macro photography and... and... and... :)

Isn't the photoblog wonderful?! I looked through the whole thing in increasing awe the other day. I'd like to take piano lessons (which would probably mean we'd need a piano, um er) and learn macro photography too. :D

Midsummer and forests, skulls, mystery musicians - the stuff of good songs! Is your choir a local town group or something specific? I was going to say, if that's a church group, I wish we'd covered similar material when I was in children's choir.

The choir actually started out as the employee choir of Malmö's general hospital. It's a ladies choir, currently, and does a very mixed repetoire of traditional and modern stuff. I was trying to find a choir that WASN'T affiliated with the church (even though I love that kind of music, too) and think I succeeded admirably. :D

You are so good at describing the seasons! Lovely writing :) And that sensitive light site is just incredible!!

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