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Grilled chicken rubbed with barbeque sauce, grilled onions, tiny baby broccoli florets, rice mixed with white and yellow corn, topped with butter. *drool* That was Friday night's dinner.

The sun has been peeking out at intervals today, sticking a toe in and then wrapping clouds around itself while going brrrr

I slept in, or rather, dozed on and off this morning, after being awake until 2:22 a.m. last night, the last point I looked at the clock. Anders played hockey at 9 and just got back from the building store with a big ol bag of cement. I've got laundry folded and dishes dealt with, but not much else. Karin is at a birthday party until 3. Martin is entertaining himself in the playroom and singing his own little soundtrack at the same time. He puts music to his own life without even realizing he's doing it. Right now he's squeaking in a high-pitched voice. :D

Soccer Mom Moment: Decked out in her new elbow pads, kneepads, wristguards, shin guards, soccer socks and cleats, Karin says to me, Go ahead, mama, try and break my legs!

I have a concert tonight at the Malmö City Hall, and dinner is being served to the choir by the chef afterwards. :) It's a 5-star restaurant, so it ought to be good. The only thing is that we're not singing until 9:30 P.M. and dinner isn't until afterwards.

My brother calls me all the time nowadays just to chat. This makes me very happy. We had a nice long discussion about the post I made remembering my grandmother's house, because I wondered why none of my family had commented on it. He has nearly no memories of that house and is amazed I could remember so much. I'm only 5 years older than he is, but it apparently made a big difference. I think moving around as much as we did was detrimental to our long-term memories, though. He says each time he moves (and I think he's got my 29 times beat) he immediately starts deleting memory files to make room for new stuff. I have a hard time remembering details, and dialogue? Forget it, it's gone. But he's got no memory of places, people, things that happened. I suppose you have to train your memory, like anything else, to get good at it. That's what I use this journal for sometimes.

I wrote a poem yesterday, one I'm (nearly) happy with, and the first real poem I've written in years. It will be in the upcoming Mosaic Minds. The kickstart took awhile, but it seems to be working!
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