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The concert last night was AWESOME!! We got to Rådhuset (City Hall) at 8:30 and gathered on the steps until everyone was there. The Old City Hall was built in 1546 and it's a very imposing building on Stortorget, faced by a giant verdigris green statue of Karl X on horseback.

When it was still a real city hall (it's since been outgrown), it was lent to king Gustav IV Adolf for a year 1806-07, as he thought Malmö a far superior location to Stockholm in times of continental wars (and never liked Stockholm anyway) and chose to move the court here, effectively making Malmö the capital of Sweden for a year. Nowadays, it's mostly used for conferences and large fancy dinners. We could see the gigantic 6-foot high crystal chandeliers from the main dining salon through the windows, sparkling like lit diamonds.

The inside is all carved and painted and decorated and just gorgeous, with little fanciful architectural details and painted ceilings and carved wood everywhere. Inside the salon where we warmed up, there were floor to ceiling oil paintings of kings and queens and other nobility, darkened with age and stiff in their finery. The room echoed and singing in it was great fun. The acoustics were actually a bit overwhelming.

We sang 10 songs for an audience of nearly 200 people and for the last song, I introduced Hårgalåten with an English translation of the story. It's weird, I can sing a capella, even ALONE, in front of an audience with nearly no problem. But SPEAKING in front of an audience makes me literally shake with nerves. We finished to a standing ovation and a call for encore, which was hugely gratifying and unexpected. :) Then we went down to the fancy restaurant in the vaulted cellars and were served salad and mushroom and asparagus pasta. I finally got the shaking reaction to stop at that point!!

We have another concert evening coming up on Friday, 2 different places, both outside, so it will be a very different experience, I'm sure!
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Vad kul! Vad stod på programmet mer än Hårgalåten?

Lyckan är Gul canon
Inga Pengar
Du ligger så illa
Over the Rainbow
En Helt Ny Värld
Killing Me Softly
Vår Dudileja
Visa vid Midsommartid

Vilka roliga sånger att sjunga! Kul med lite blandat så där.

Over the Rainbow and Killing Me Softly?! I wasn't expecting those to be in the set list! :) Were they sung in English or translated?

But I wish I could have heard you - the hall sounds breathtaking...

By the way, what part of the song, Hårgalåten, translates to this:

"there where the elves walk"?

haha! I know, they aren't the usual, traditional Swedish song, are they? :P We sing those two in English.

The thing about the line "there where the elves walk" is that it doesn't translate to English very easily. The line in Swedish is "där Ull-stina Kull-ina går." swingtime explained it to me like this: "I think that the names Ull-stina Kull-ina are ways of describing the fog, the kind of light, dancing fog that comes and goes. In Swedish, fog is also called elfdance, and has to do with old folk beliefs, that people thought the fine white veils were elves dancing. So Ull-stina, Kull-lina, etc. were the names of these fog elves."

I should probably add "fog-elf" to my translation of it. :)

That is so freaking cool! Sort of like a Will o' the Wisp...

Again, I love that cold, Northern imagination... No wonder Tolkien was so fond of the region, so inspired by it...

Oh!! I hadn't even thought about will-o-the-wisp!! You're so right! That's perfect :)

Killing Me SoftlyKilling Me Softly

I LOVE!! Killing Me Softly.
Confession: I shake and shudder at singing in front of a group (despite the name!)
So, for my fiftieth birthday I wanted to challenge that a little bit. I was having a small talent show followed by karaoke at my home with a handful of mostly close friends. I practiced singing "Killing Me Softly" for weeks. My children were sick of hearing it. I played the Roberta Flack rendition endlessly. The cd player incessantly turned to repeat mode.

Finally Talent Show night came. I know those shakes intimately, but I got up there (with dark glasses), and I sang my song... My friends and family were appreciative of my effort. The song sounded pretty good, despite the shakes.

Re: Killing Me SoftlyKilling Me Softly

I love that song, too :) GOOD FOR YOU for getting up there and facing your fear! What a neat idea to have a Talent Show. I wonder if I could pull off something like that! What a great idea for a party!

talent show

The Talent Show was fun and easy. It was my second one. Of course we're real casual here and silly. I have a friend who is very good at improvising characters with funny voices, various languages and accents,etc. He was the Emcee and handled the scheduling of acts.

I invited only good friends and their families. We had song, poetry, reading of a short story, skits, silly songs by very silly characters("The Safety Bunnies" for instance). At the first talent show we had piano playing, dog tricks,dulcimer, and a light show.

We all brought snack foods for intermission.
It was great fun.

WOW!!! That building has such an interesting history! And what a wonderful place to sing...glad you had such a good time. :)

What a great experience in such a historic and beautiful setting!

Sounds like a blast, and good music in beautiful surroundings is always so much better somehow.

****envy, envy***
(except for the shakes.... have you tried homeopathic remedies?)

It's just super-butterflies/stage fright. I don't understand, though, why I don't get it singing...only when I'm speaking. I don't have any problem in front of our club at meetings for example, perhaps because I'm friends with the majority of the people there?

Sounds like a wonderful experience. Good luck with the coming up concerts!

Hey that's so great, I'm so glad it went well! I'm very impressed!! Wish I could come along and hear you do a solo capella, that would be so cool.

What an absolutely lovely building. I am constantly in awe of the architecture here. *smile*

I would love to hear you sing, choirs are so amazing. When I was a kid I wanted desperately to be in a choir and tried hard, but I am tone deaf and it just did not work out. *laugh*

My sister is tone-deaf too and has always been so upset about it. I imagine it as sort of being color-blind, only to pitch. The outside of that building is NOTHING compared to how lovely the inside is. :)

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