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Things I've spent money on in the past few weeks that I shouldn't have:
  • rubberstamps and lots of 'em

  • paper

  • collage thingies

  • more paper and pretty things from the craft store

  • sushi dinner

  • 4 out of print books from my books-to-buy list

  • foundation make-up (after dropping my quarter-full bottle on the bathroom tiles CRASH! SPLATTER!)

  • my lovely domino brooch (which I refuse to feel guilty about)
Things I've spent money on that I'm not mentally beating myself up over:
  • renewal fee for Martin's U.S. passport

  • registered letter envelope to mail said passport back to me

  • groceries & gas

  • dentist visit: no cavities, yay me!
Half the paving stones for the driveway and paths arrived today, the other half arrives tomorrow. Anders is 99% finished with the deck and it looks beautiful. He's taking the day off tomorrow to work on the driveway and his friend Mats is coming over to help him start laying out the stones on Saturday. And my brother called and he & Simone found a great apartment in old town Füssen, which is 5 minutes from Neuschwanstein castle. How cool is that?!

And in a mad burst of creativeness, brought on by several hours at work, sneaking in surf time on art sites, I've got page 7 done; it's currently drying. I'm a little worried about the leaves on page 5 though, as they seem to be drying more brittle than I was hoping. Anyone know if there is a good fixative or lacquer or something I can use to coat them?
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Looks like dropping makeup is going around. :)

LOL! The one I bought to replace it is in a plastic tube, thereby squashing all further repeats of the unbelievable mess I had to clean up.

Not unbelievable -- totally believable by me. There were little beige splats in the most out of the way places.

I saw some more of those little beige splats this morning that I apparently missed. I suspect I'll be seeing them for years. :) haha!

Don't forget to check under the toilet. (If yours has an under, that is.)

A completely irrelevant comment: Just because I saw you went to the dentist (*shudders convulsively*). Did you know that the electric chair was invented by a dentist. I'm sure you never wanted to know that, but it's what I thought of when I read the post. And no, I haven't been drinking!

LOL! Yes, I think I did actually have that little bit of trivia tucked away in my braincell-shedding cranium. Actually, I used to feel the same way about dentists and avoided them as much as humanly possible until I ended up with a very expensive and unbelievably painful situation resulting in a root canal, and now I go every six months and am GLAD about it. If I don't like my dentist, I go to a new one. Right now, I'm VERY happy with mine. :)

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