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Two little girls are skipping rope together, 1 turning the rope over them both, the other facing her, hopping in time and chanting. Both of them have pink pants and blond hair. 2 more blond and pink girls look on, waiting their turns. Just past them, a group of small boys crouch in a circle, shooting marbles. 2 of them have homemade marble bags at their sides and are earnestly comparing the merits of spaghetti vs. cats-eye. Someone's big steelie bounces off a cobblestone, prompting a burst of shouting and agonized arm-flapping. Over by the bushes, a group of kids, mostly boys, of all different ages, play an energetic game on the mini soccer field.

It's not an opening scene in a 50's-era period movie...it's the playground of Martin's school. :) At the toy store a week or so ago, I boggled over the amount of marbles and marble accessories available for kids these days. Who needs gameboys and sophisticated computer games when there are jump ropes and marbles and pick-up sticks and JACKS available!!?

After 3 days of rain and drizzle and intermittent sunshine, it appears that someone has rolled out green carpets across the fields. Some are high enough that you can't see the tractor rake patterns. In others, the rows of curving green lines in the earth are somehow soothing. The willow trees, swathed in what appears to be pale green netting, are greening. Close up, the buds look like fluffy, curled caterpillars. Jackdaws strut in the bushes.

Song Heard on the Radio This Morning, Furthering the Otherworldly Feeling: Lucky Lips

Really Good Writing Out There Right Now: Looking for Elliot

Life Lessons: Choosing Your Battles by idahoswede

Those of you who think that if my husband can spend 4000 kronor on a new motorcycle helmet, there is no reason on this (green) earth why I shouldn't buy myself a paid LJ account for $25, raise your hands.
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