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A friend called me tonight and left a message saying that she just called to chat and see how things were because she noticed at the meeting yesterday and recently that I haven't been myself. I called her back after I got home and we talked for nearly an hour. I'm really touched that someone noticed. Although, if my upside-down inside-out state-of-mind is that obvious, perhaps I need to do something more drastic. argh

On the way to choir, Karin was awarding me 1 point for every vehicle I passed and taking away 1 for every vehicle that passed me. Her counting abilities above 20 are still a little shaky, but regardless, I'm pleased to announce I got tusen poäng*

*1000 points! :D

Why the hell am I still UP?!
mood: sleepy
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That jump from 20 to 1000 is pretty impressive right there! :) What a lead-foot _you_ must be. ;)

I'm sorry you haven't been quite yourself. I'm amazed that you can do all the things you do and still be standing, frankly! Maybe you need a day or 50 of relaxation? Ahh...wouldn't we all? :)

As to your last question...I'm wondering the same thing about myself! I was going to go to bed more than an hour ago. Sheesh! I'm going now! I am! I promise! Here I go....really!

50 days sounds about right :)

It's a 1000 mil to choir practice, right?

What a nice friend who called. I hope the stress level takes a breather soon.

congrats on your 1,000 points!
I think Karin learned her numbers above 20 where my DD learned the last 4 letters of the alphabet!

That's so sweet that someone (a) noticed and (b) got in touch about it. I love friendships like that. Hope the rollercoaster's fun ;)

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