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I've always sung to the kids, ever since they were babies, and I frequently replace names and pronouns in songs with theirs.

(to the tune of Bicycle Built For Two): Martin, Martin, give me your answer do...I'm half crazy all for the love of you!

(to the tune of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang): Karin-bean is a little beanie-ween girl, little beanie-weenie, I love you, and I know my little beanie-ween girl, little beanie Karin loves me too.

Me: (singing, while putting clothes away in my bedroom) Martin, Martin Martin, Maaaartttt-iiiiin, Martin
Martin: (from the playroom, thinking I'm calling him) What is it, Mama?
Me: Oh! Nothing, I was just singing your name.
Martin: Oh, that's so ro-MAN-tic!


The first concert was not so fun. It was in Rosengård, which is considered the "bad" area of Malmö, due, a little unfairly, to the fact that it's heavily populated by immigrants from the Middle East and Eastern Europe. I'd never been in the area before. It's on the outskirts, and has a surprisingly beautiful surrounding, lots of parkland, greenery and play areas. It was incredibly windy yesterday so that, in addition to a fairly indifferent audience for whom the Valborg tradition means nothing, and a roaring bonfire right in front of us, our performance was pretty much a waste. There were dozens of pre-teen and teenage kids roaming around in packs and at one point during our second-to-last song, one of the boys threw an egg at us, just missing our director. :( He was scrounging around looking for rocks afterwards, but was accosted by one of the organizers and given a talking-to which he just shrugged off. There were reports in the paper on Friday about stone-throwing at the police in the same area, so they were sending out extra patrols to deal with problems during Valborg and today, which is traditionally a day of protest here in Europe.

At the second concert, we still had the wind, but this time we were facing away from it, so our voices blew out over a very appreciative crowd of mostly Swedes, with the help of microphones and large speakers. We got a lot of applause and felt much better. I'm glad we had the two concerts in the order we had them otherwise the evening would have ended on a very sour note. As it was, the whole thing took 3 hours home and back again.

I had a lovely chat with my mom last night and finished a book. Anders and the kids didn't get home from their bonfire until after midnight. This morning, I slothed my way awake at 10:30 but have been being productive since then. I have 4 projects with a deadline of May 15th, so I need to make some progress on them today. No other plans to go anywhere or do anything today, however, which is very very nice.
mood: happy
music: Coldplay—Clocks


Hee! I sing nonsense songs to my rat... and The Boy, of course... oh, and I sing to Farley, too... he's going to be our boxer soon...

I love the Valborg concerts, what a pity you couldn't have come up here and sung to us. The fireworks were very special here too, quite amazing. And your Martin is sweet!

I dig the Kim Possible icon.

She rocks! Want one? I've got a whole bunch from the show. How about "Bad Sushi" ?? hahaha!

Did I miss where you explained what Valborg is? I do know about the importance of May Day in Europe. I'm glad things have calmed down and you've got a day to "relax." I hope you ARE relaxing and not busy with 12 projects. But I'm one to talk, so just ignore me. Thanks for the kind comment on my cruise photos.

You must have missed it, it was in the previous post here. Scroll down past everything else.

I was sort of mini-relaxing today. Slept in like a big old slug, finished one book and started another, surfed the web and answered emails. Went through and pitched a pile of old duplicate photos, 2 loads of laundry and 1 load of dishes and designed a flyer and a business card for a friend. Then we ordered take-out chinese for dinner and afterwards went for a walk to the playground with the kids. :) Before you yell at me, that IS a relaxed day, I swear!! :D

Hey, looks like a relaxing day to me! Besides I don't yell at my friends, virtual or not. Well, almost never.

I guess the motto for choir-singing is that it matters which way the wind blows?

No plans are a good thing. Enjoy.

"No other plans to go anywhere or do anything today, however, which is very very nice." and VERY unusual for you!

I managed just the right amount of relaxed vs. busy today! :)

Heehee!! I love your stories about your kids and how you get on with them, so cute, you're clearly a brilliant mum :)

What a horrid boy, throwing an egg, I'm glad the second one went better. I'm so impressed that you do them!

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