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The fields and trees are swelling with life, you can almost see them expanding as you watch. Trees flame with green candled tops and chestnut blossom stalks are wearing long green skirts. Dandelions polkadot the pastures and gather in the ditches, round trees and all along the roads like they're watching a parade or cheering on the passing cars. 2 riders on glowing brown chestnut horses cause vehicles to slow, swooping out widely as they pass to avoid startling them. There are numberless, countless, infinite shades of green everywhere you look. One of the slopes behind our neighborhood is packed with dandelions. They look like the filled bleacher seats of a stadium whose team colors are YELLOW and green. Dandelions don't just announce themselves, they SHOUT. POW! We're HERE!

Anders and Karin are off for most of the day at a race event involving 2- and 4-wheeled vehicles. I just dropped Martin off with his outdoor group and have just under 2 hours free time at home. Farmor is coming over this afternoon, because they've been away and she can't stand another day without seeing the grandkids. My plans for the afternoon involve going to the nursery to buy some glowing, growing things and to the dandelion bleachers to photograph my children in the sunshine.

Happy Birthday, albatrossity!

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It sounds absolutely glorious. I hope you can share some photos of the kids in the dandelions!

If I had to define "spring blog entry" in the dictionary- there would be a copy of this entry! You make me smile just thinking about spring and flowers!

I like that Job description, it was very funny. Aren't dandelions a weed? We don't have them down here, I was wondered why some flowers are flowers and others are weeds. It's a good thing Jo takes care of the lawn and stuff, isn't it?

They're only weeds when you don't want them in your yard or on your lawn. But they're a wildflower, regardless. People tend to hate them because they're so ubiquitious and they take so much work to get rid of.

Sometimes they are a food!! And an excellent source of iron and liver tonic... oh so many many wonderful things about the dandelion. Actually it's the greens and roots that are most delicious, before the flower turns them too bitter

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