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In the courtyard outside the daycare, blossoms are peeking pinkly among the unfolding new leaves of the twisty apple and pear trees. Spirea bushes shoot lacy arms out and daffodils cluster, talking amongst themselves. A tiny tabby cat runs purposefully across the street and disappears under the red currant bushes. Forsythia bonfires are roaring soundlessly over garden gates. Spring is burning down the house.

It's also burning me down. I can't remember the last time my allergies were so bad. All this beauty is pure torture because the longer I'm out in it, the more my eyes itch, and the more I sneeze. I'm supposed to be doing a 5 kilometer walk this evening through Pildamms Park in Malmö and the thought of walking for an hour through all those blooming trees and grasses is making me want to stab my eyeballs with a fork. :(

Added to my discomfort is the slightly bruised knee I managed to give myself yesterday while kneeling on paving stones. I'm put to shame by my 75-year-old mother-in-law. Märta came over just after 1 p.m. yesterday and we, along with Martin in the wagon, walked up to the plant nursery to take a look. Martin had to walk home because we filled the wagon with plants. Märta had also brought several tubs of different plants, ground cover and flowers for us from her own garden, and we spent the rest of the gorgeous sunny afternoon creating a masterpiece in our front yard. There are lots of different kinds of ground covers and spreading plants, decorative grasses, sedums, lewisia, a Chinese lantern, and a bunch of kärleksört*, which means literally "love herb" in Swedish.

front garden

I also de-potted my hosta plants and planted them in front of the house in the little space under the kitchen windows. Since I'm about as far from a natural gardener as one can get, I like plants that I don't have to worry about, that just come up each year and look nice. :) At least now I feel I've made a start on the garden and actually contributed something to the outside of our house.

Anders and Karin didn't get home until 6:30 so no dandelion photos today. Keep your fingers crossed that we get another sunny free day before they go to seed. Karin was super thrilled, and had a blast at the racetrack. She got to sit in a racecar and also got a hug from a real live Swedish gladiator (Plexus) who autographed a postcard of himself for her. She slept with it, of course. :D

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Ooooh, a gladiator. Karin rocks!

I really like your garden addition. I was thinking something along those lines would look great on your lawn. Much goodliness!

I send you many hypoallergenic thoughts for your walk through the park!

I am SO grateful that my last trip to the States, I stocked up on Sudafed, because apparently, I have developed a birch allergy and around here, it's like a birch pollen snowstorm! Your garden is going to be gorgeous once they root and start filling out! I love hostas, but unfortunately have no shade, so I have one in a pot indoors, but it's kind of puny looking.

I like that garden addition =)
I can't wait to start decorating my balcony with plants =D
Have you tried Clarityn? It works for my pollen allergies!

I had 2 people suggest it today. I know I've tried it in the past without much luck, and I'm worried that it won't work in time since I'm pretty sure it takes a couple of days to really kick in, and I need it for this evening, but it's worth a try. Thanks!

It's a miracle med... I used to get allergy shots (dust, pollen, pet dander) from ages 3-18, and then the Dr told me if I got an allergy attack, to take 1 clarityn and it should do it. :)

You're welcome!

I use Zyrtec and it works instantly because it's preventative. I take it in the morning and when I would normally be sneezy in half an hour I'm not. And I use Rhinocort spray, I swear by them both. Your garden looks so lovely!! What a great day :)

I have a preventative nasal spray too that I use year-round but it's not helping at all with the spring onslaught.

Sometimes your nose gets used to them I think, maybe it's time to swap sprays?

It's horrible isn't it.

Boo, hiss to the allergies!

I really love hostas, and we have a lot of shade, so I really should think about picking up some at the nursery. I always think I'm going to really get involved with planting flowers and making my yard nice, but I never manage to get it done. Yay for you and all the work you got done yesterday! :)

Oh, just wanted to tell you that I caved and put a fiction piece up on the wiki. I think you're the editor, so be gentle ... I wrote it just now with a cranky toddler pushing and prodding me and shouting "Get down! Get down!" ;)

I think Carrie is the editor for you, actually :) Hurray for another piece! You go, girl!

I can't believe you wrote that with a cling-on kid! It's GREAT, Beverly!

Thanks, Liz! :)

Hey by the way, I noticed my piece isn't actually posted on the wiki you want me to do it?

Hmmm ... it's showing up on the wiki for me. Weird ...

I meant linked to an actual, editable page. Right now all I see is "Liz" for the title.

Weird ... it's totally working for me! I'll have another look at it.

Found it! There was a missing tag closer >

I fixed it.

Aha! Thanks! :)

I love your descriptions!

Allergies are from the devil. Boo. Hiss.

Mine were so bad last night, too...

But the garden looks so pretty! Can't wait to see how everything grows!

Re: I love your descriptions!

thank you, and me, too :)

I want to meet Karin! I'll stop by next time I am in the neighborhood.

Its beautiful and so creative! Definitely a lot of hard work to put all of that into place.

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