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Vilken tuffing! :)

Oh my god, that's precious and look at that set of her chin. It's no wonder she's driven you to near madness at times! This looks like four going on 20.

you got that right! :D

I'm tellin' ya, racecars are the way to go. :D

Yours truly:

Lonita vroom vroom

You're so cool :) WOW

She is so _way_ cool!

She looks so determined! She is a very pretty young lady and that is a really cool pic of her in the car!

Such beautiful soulful brown eyes and seriousness!

How fierce! How stubborn! How unbelievably cute!

CUTE!!! I love those rosy cheeks and big brown eyes. She looks quite the part *LOL*

How cute! She's such a natural in there, for a second I thought it was hers and "That's the fanciest soap box racer I've ever seen."

LOL! Probably due to the high concentration of duct tape in sight :)

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I can't wait to meet this girl. :)

:D Well, get your butt over here, woman!

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