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Why am I sad and mad and bad? I do not know, go ask your dad.

Reasons For Bailing Out of the 5K Walk Last Night: 1) bruised knee, 2) allergies from hell, 3) pouring rain. Okay, it probably wouldn't have stopped dbrus but I freely admit I'm a wimp.

Happy Birthday Wishes to same_sky and montfort!

Things That Might Help Stop the Grumpiness Before It Gets So Thick I Have to Chip it Off With a Fork:
  • Eating all 10 of the fun-size 3 Musketeers bars my boss gave me this morning
  • Keep thinking: The sun is out! It's out, it's OUT!
  • Counting my blessings, especially this, this and this
Yesterday, I felt very crash-and-burning. This morning I felt much the same. This afternoon, my mood seems to be lightening with the sun. Funny how forcing myself to write about it makes it seem a little ridiculous, which in turn makes me feel better.

I finished reading Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood last night, and while I wasn't thrilled with the ending, and at least didn't throw the book across the room while ranting about writers that force one to buy the sequel, I kind of wondered where the heck she was going to go with it by that point anyway. I REALLY enjoyed reading it, and thought it was an all-too-scary-possible scenario for our world and our culture in too many in-your-face ways. I'm still mulling it over and I think it was responsible for several freaky dreams I had last night as well.

Swedish Words I've Mixed Up Lately Even Though I'm Well Aware of the Differences: Radhuset (townhouse) when I meant Rådhuset (city hall); Plåg (torture) when I meant Plagg (garment), Underlägg (placemat) when I meant Underlag (basis, materials)

Fluent, schmuent.
mood: grumpy-ish
music: Show of Hands—Retribution


It must be the time of year, really. I have been going to bed early, sleeping lots more than usual and still am so tired I can barely function. Hope you soon are feeling less sad and more glad. *smile*

This reminded me about going over my SFI exam last week. It was a quick run through the sections that I aced but when we got to the uppsats one of the things we laughed over was that I wrote hora instead of höra. *laugh* The teacher said "I know you meant "hear" but this word means something else, not such a nice thing" and I said "yeah, whore and hear are really not close at all". *laugh*

It's strange, isn't it? You'd think one would be MORE invigorated by spring, not LESS. Thanks for the smiles.

After 10.30 pm on weekdays I always lose all ability to discern between a/ä, o/ö, a/å when speaking!!!!

LOL! Me, too! They were all speaking mistakes and 2 of them were "after-hours," so to speak.

Thank you!

You're welcome! Hope you're having an excellent day (with CAKE)!

Grumble bum!!! *LOL* I know the feeling. I'm just tired. I've been over tired for two weeks now, I don't know what's going on. and every now and then that makes me grumpy :) Definitely eat those snacks from your boss :)

Grumble Bum! That's a phrase my family uses! :D Along with my favorite, "Grumpbucket" *lol*

Okay, now I feel like I should apologize for being so damned perky today!

*snort* please do. >:P

I blame hormones whenever I'm feeling like that for no real reason (real would be someone's sick, someone lost a job, someone had a car accident, etc...).

On another note entirely, Oryx and Crake is the first Margaret Atwood book I've started to read but put down... I forgot to list her in last week's friday five, but I met her, too... and Frank McCourt... but she was touring for The Blind Assassin, which I enjoyed...

I feel I haven't read enough of her books (Handmaid, Bluebeard's Egg), and really want to read more. I enjoyed the "voice" of the story and the slow unfolding of the back-story. I've read a lot of "civilization destroyed by our own greed/stupidity/ignorance science fiction and this was one of the better ones, or at least one of the more thoroughly imagined. It was especially interesting with all the gene splicing and playing around with biology in light of recent news concerning cloning, stem-cell research, gene manipulation, etc.

Duuuude! Just allow yourself to be in a pissy mood for once! :P

As for at least didn't throw the book across the room while ranting about writers that force one to buy the sequel, how did you know? That's EXACTLY what happens to books that annoy the crap out of me for leaving cliffhangers. I *hate* that!

Maybe you're grumpy because of your allergies. It takes over a person's body. Being in a grumpy mood isn't a bad thing, unless of course you're not enjoying it! ;) In which case, pull your bootstraps up and climb out of the grump slump. :) *helps by putting a rope ladder down the ditch*

*giggles and lures you with mini 3 Musketeers* :)

Hey, at least it's sunny there. We get glimpses of sun through the MASSIVE, great grey storm clouds that have decided to hover over the country dousing us all in freezing cold rain. *shakes you with her wet umbrella* Ha! So there, Ms. Grumpypants. *runs away*

first I smiled. then I giggled. then you made me laugh out loud.

thanks, babe.

Book-throwing sounds pretty sensible to me when it comes to Oryx and Crake. My favorites are still The Robber Bride and Alias Grace so I can vouch for them. As for the 5k walk, I hate going anywhere in the rain which isn't absolutely necessary. Getting to school looking like a drowned cat or splashing behind a wet dog isn't my idea of a good time.

Regarding the rain, ME TOO! I hate going out in the rain. It gets all over my glasses and makes my hair misbehave and I feel like a cat all over: ICK!

Thanks! :)

oooh, I love Margaret Atwood. Oryx and Crake is especially creepy in that "maybe this could really happen" sort of way. Like you, I loved the unfolding of the was like we started at both ends of the story and met in the middle.

I'm trying to remember if I had any particular reaction to the ending...I probably did but it's not fresh in my mind.

You definitely have your priorities right!

you mean chocolate first?! haha!

I love Margaret Atwood and of course, I loved Oryx and Crake, that's why I sent it to you. I also thoroughly enjoyed The Blind Assasin and Alias Grace. I couldn't bring myself to read A Handmaids Tale because it would piss me off too much. I think it's amazing the different styles and genres she can do. All three of those books are so different. I also enjoyed Oryx and Crake because I am a true believer in the end of the world as we know it. (are you singing it now?) And I feel fine. (now you are) We like to think we have mother nature on her heels, but she's just letting us think we've got the upper hand.

now I've got that song in my head!! I went and looked at a pile of her books online last night and added several to my "buy" list :)

I'd really recommend Handmaid's Tale even though it WILL piss you off. It's SO excellently written.

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